Interview summary

The respondent in my interview grew up in Bloomfield; the respondents spend around 15minutes to walk to school from the house. The respondent said that she doesn’t have many friends in her neighborhood since most friends live in Detroit. When asked about the question of youth and young, the respondent said that being a youth is mostly fun and not stressful. In describing “youth,” the respondent said that it is all about “Having help living or getting where you need to be.” The respondents also confirmed to have many friends, and at other times the parentswarnthe interviewee about the bad friends. About the sex education, the respondent said that they had never beentaught about sex education in schools, but teachersjoke mostly about sex. The respondent never had “sex-ed” in high school. The first paid job of the respondent was the Valet company; the situation was a very fast paste, and the people were rude. The respondents worked in this place for only three months.


There was a significant relationship between what we have learned about the discourse of youth and the information that the respondent gave me. Elements of peer pressure; the respondent feared rejection from friends; the respondent confirmed not wanting to lose friends. The respondent also had the desire to appear grown. As we spoke the respondent wanted me to perceive her as a grown individual. There was also “raging hormone” in the respondent’s information; this made the respondent act out of character as we were speaking. There was also “coming of age” in the interviewee information; here, the respondent tried to show the transition from childhood to adulthood. For example, when the respondent said, “I never had a sex education class, most teachers made jokes.” The respondent feels that the teacher should talk about sex education and stop making jokes since they are all grown. Signified by age; the client tried to convince of being old enough, and we should, therefore, speak about mature topics.