Interview with David Louis who is a Supervisor in a Health Team

Interview with David Louis who is a Supervisor in a Health Team

Formal Interview

I also had an interactive interview with David Louis who is a supervisor in a health team. The session was very informative and had a lot of information regarding the operations involved in provision of health services. The interview started with identifying the role of the supervisor in the health provision centre. Supervisor has an obligation of ensuring that all the functions within the health facility. He has a role of ensuring smooth operations within the heath sector thus improving the quality of health services offered in the centre. The supervisor also has a role of organizing and leading work groups and meetings within the health sector. From the interview, it was clear that the supervisor must ensure coordination between the different sectors within the health department (Paris, 2013).

From the interview, it is also clear that the supervisory duties must also be carried out professionally. The supervisor understands what is professionalism and its importance in service delivery especially as far as health matters is concerned. Out of professionalism, the supervisor acknowledges that integrity, honesty, transparency, sincerity and ability to work with others are great traits that each professional should uphold.  The supervisor also admits that for professionalism to be exhibited, it is important for one to be committed to doing the right thing and perform at the highest levels. Professionalism has also influenced the work of the supervisor greatly but he has been able to cope with them.

The supervisor also had a chance to discuss about leadership in the health sector. Since he is also a leader in his own capacity, the supervisor insisted on the importance of steward leadership. Steward leadership has been very instrumental in ensuring continuous improvement in service delivery thus saving more lives.   Steward leadership in the sector has helped initiation of different changes within the organizational set up. Communication has been critical in ensuring that leadership in the sector is connected with the different staff within the organization. It also helps in sharing of visions and ideas thus making their implementation easy and achievable. Methods to achieve such visions are communicated to junior staff by the organization leadership. Sharing of this information helps all the team players to feel part of the success of the organization (Smith & Meeking, 2013).

In the interview, we also discussed the importance of leaders to exercise professional advocacy and authenticity as well as power and influence when working with colleagues. According to the supervisor, this is a very important aspect since it helps the leadership to offer the services diligently to improve the welfare of patients. The supervisor agrees that leadership is accompanied with powers which should be used to have a positive influence to the other workers. Better and improved outcomes within the organization can only be achieved through positive influence to the other staff. David ahs also outlined the dangers of selfish leaders who use their powers for their selfish gains thus limiting the success of the organization.

Both the peer and the formal interview with the supervisor are informative sessions which give a lot of information within the health organizations. However, it is important to understand that the two interview session have some differences. To start with, the peer has more information regarding the medical services within the organization. The peer talks more of the EMR clinical services within the organization as well as other medical services offered by the medical organization (Paris, 2013). On the other hand, the supervisor has more information regarding the leadership and stewardship of the affairs within the medical organization. The mode of the interview in the two sessions is very different thus giving different information.


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