Intuitive decision making

There is an assumption in management that systematics and careful analysis leads to choices that are superior to those coming from the intuitive process. However, over the past decade, this theory seems to have experienced some drastic change. According to Mintzberg() argues that the dynamics of strategic management cannot work without the use of intuition. He mentions that strategy cannot be planned because planning focuses more on analysis and strategy focus on synthesis. He thus argues that any form of planning that does not use intuition has often failed. His view is supported by Waterman who also contends that the rational model has often failed in many of the cases in the United States. This study does not seek to argue against rational analysis. Rational analysis plays a critical role in strategy making, and thus one cannot wish it away. However, in doing proper strategic planning, there is needed to factor in one crucial component, and this is an intuitive process. The role here is to point out the place that Intuitive strategic plan has in a farm and how some companies such as UBER have been able to take advantage of this approach to leap to another level in their business.

Till recently scholars have often put more emphasis on rational decision making over intuitive decision making. The reason that this has been the trend for a long time is that many of the scholars of intuitive process fall into the realm of irrational or paranormal thinking. The lack of scientific methods to qualify the use of intuitive process have made many to look at the field with so manyskepticisms. However, in recent years cognitive studies and artificial intelligence have helped to point out that there is nothing mystical or magical about an intuitive process. Besides, these methods are either irrational or paranormal. Some scholars such as () have argued that intuitive thinking and decision making arise from long experience and learning. Besides, it consists of a mass of facts, patterns, concepts techniques, abstraction and a combination of formal knowledge or beliefs that exist in our minds. The companies that have mustered in the use of this approach in their business have been able to leap their business into the future in ways that other firms have never been able to archive. Uber is one of the companies that have been able to master the use of this approach.

Intuition definition

Based on the view that Carl Jung offers, intuition does not denote something contrary to reason but goes beyond the idea of purpose. It is essential to move beyond the notion that hunch is the magical sense or a paranormal process. Besides it is not the opposite of rationality neither is it a random of the process of guessing. It is a sophisticated process of reason that develops through the experience that one gets over time. The quality of thinking intuitively does not just come easily but improved over time through the process problem solving and is based on a complete grasp of business details. Thus as people think that it is all about imagination and supernormal thinking, one thing they tend to forget is that it has to develop over a long time through the experience that one gets. Vaugan argues that intuition is a psychological function that apprehends the totality of a given situation. It also offers the chance synthesize isolated bits of data and experience into an intangible picture. The overall thinking of Intuition thinking is a holistic perception of reality that transcends the rational ways of knowing things. Thus one does not think intuitively by simply knowing but being able synthesizes the information.

Uber approach to strategic decision making


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