Issue Related to Child Development- Kids and Social Media

Issue Related to Child Development- Kids and Social Media

Social media is a way of communicating through the use of electronics where the user must be online to share and to receive the information, ideas and also personal messages. In this case, kids and social media, it means that children easily access the media such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.It mostly affects the children between the age of 13 and 17 since they believe and trusts more on the things they see on the social media and as a result, it causes harm in their lives and also their performance in school (Cabrera et al.,2018). However, parents are also affected because,  by the time they realize that  their kids are affected emotional, physical, and mentally  it is already late although  they are the one that caused  the  problem by buying their kids  phones to use when they are still young instead of waiting at the right time and buy them  phones (Ersoy,2019).

With the help of guiding and counseling of the parents, parents will be able to understand the issue of kids and social media. They will be told the problems that are likely to occur to small kids when they access the social media as well as knowing the harms that social media may lead to the children when they are growing( Sampson, 2017). Parents are supposed to encourage their children to read and watch important materials and movies respectively. Different groups in the community like churches have come up with the programs that children will be attending during holidays and also the activities that will make children not to focus more on the social media( Worsley et al.,2018). Parents should not entertain the use of social media at a young age since it affects the behaviors of their children.






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