ITGC controls testing Project

Logical Access Security

Logical access security is a control area the aim at ensuring that personnel access to the company's system is limited to only those that have authorization and the tasks to be performed are also limited to the ones that are authorized (Amasaki, 2015). There are several control points including control in the procedure, configuration and policies control. This paper discusses two of the authorities, that is User access through authentication and physical access within Maverick Investment Company.

Furthermore, the paper aims to identify the risk these controls are to mitigate, test plan basing on frequency and sample size, and finally exceptions and failure. The risk associated with Maverick Investment Company is the unauthorized access to data and programs resulting in alteration or damage of crucial data. These control mechanisms are aimed to ensure that access to applications and the company's data are limited to authorized personnel only.

User access control

User authentication measure is one of the control measures that limit acces

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