Japan animation industries

There is always hope in helping other people succeed but good work ought to be paid handsomely to enable an individual to have the guts to keep working for better outcomes. In az, many workers complain of low-income and by paying a service to the industry yet animation as a service provision requires maximum concentration of an individual towards a particular aspect that needs to be developed (Ashcraft, 2018). Japan animation industry has been portrayed to be the most reprimanding jobs in the world since it pays as low as 2.5 dollars per week by an individual. This paper will analyze low payment, long working hours, and have benefits that japan animation workers face in the animation industry.

Low Payment

According to American animator, Henry Thurlow Japanese animation industries take advantage of the excellent sam is that they’re employees offered to them by paying very low (Ashcraft, 2018). Since most studios pay as little as $25 per week, it is evident that Japanese animation industry is not just I robust industry but an illegal structure that remotely subjects its employees to savage (Amidi, 2019). It is clear that Japanese animation industries failed to pay their workers remotely minimum wages hence showing that it is a business that exercises workplace new colonialism and slavery (Ashcraft, 2018). Besides, the highest paying anime studios in Japan offers 8.18 dollars per hour which is an indication that one can only get more working minimum wage by extending via working hours. In that perspective, japan anime studios pay the lowest minimum wage ever paid in the world.



Long Working Hours

It is so different starting to state that Japan and new industries subjects they are employees too harsh working environment by forcing them to work for one and a half month without a single day off. Most employees complain of long working hours that make them too vomit in their workplaces and subjecting them to harsh health conditions (Ashcraft, 2018). Many workers complain of being forced to go for the irregular 6 day work weeks but consist of 10 hours worked i’m a day with no talks or large breasts. Such kind of a working environment is in human and cannot be upheld in a normal society (Ashcraft, 2018). Therefore, Japan and name industries are thriving in insufficiency of proper employee concerns. Japanese animation films are more of good quality than american films yet they pay little and subject they’re employees too harsh working environment, longer working time, and lack of proper employee concerns while at work. No working how us has made many annum workers to be admitted to hospitals several times due to exhaustion and workplace illness. Therefore, japan anum industries bully the workers by subjecting them to low incomes, and harsh working environments that are associated with long working time.

Half Benefits.

According to Ashcraft (2018), Japan anime industries are based on how many frames and individual drawers hence the payment is subjected to half benefits which results in two low incomes. According to the quality of animations created by most japanese anime labourers, it is evident that japan industries pay shockingly low prices and results into low income and have benefits to the animation creators.

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