Job Interview

Describe yourself. We’ve seen your resume, but tell us what we don’t see on your resume.

I just completed a six months internship at Oracle. My motivation stemmed from a lot of effort in my earlier education to ready myself for a leading position in my career path. In this internship, I was tasked with various accounting duties. I managed to produce final reports of every task given. Additionally, I had an avenue to brainstorm with my team few policies that could help make easy the organization’s workflow. I proved to be a faster adaptor and working in an environment that requires immediate decision-making. I believe these features have prepared me to pursue the next level position and enable personal development.

There are various things I like doing just to experience different scenarios in life. I like writing, listening and surrounding myself with people who bring positive ideas. I realized that socializing helped me build a good network. My interaction with people has always helped me in getting new ideas and new ways of living a happy life. I hold onto the positive elements of life. I like to experiment with various things when I can’t get myself to sleep at night. Not to forget the country’s peace, spring’s flowers and leaves in autumn.  Delicious food is my number one coupled with comedy movies. With my experience in writing, I aspire to be a great writer just like Stephenie Meyers, Twilight author. Maxwell (120) argues that “to influence a crowd it has to be from what you write, in books.” That is what this writer uses to reach millions across the world, books.


What strengths would you bring to our team?

I have managed finances well to my supervisors’ satisfaction before and going by this I believe that I will help fuel performance in the accounting department as a valuable asset. My working knowledge in the management of accounts is paramount to the unit. I am a team player, and I know for certain accounting department requires collaboration in making reports, calculations and record keeping. Passionate is what I describe my feeling towards this role. My attitude towards it is that if I am put up to any task, I am going to accomplish it with every effort I possess. Well, I love helping people solve solutions, and this is revealed in my collaboration with my team back at Oracle. Furthermore, I gained knowledge in most accounting software including but limited to SAGE. I am hoping to use my skills to attain the organization’s set targets such as meeting deadlines and providing well-detailed reports.

I have a very strong work ethics. I can work in an ever pressure-full environment. I am well conversant with the time limit in an accounting environment, and I promise that I can multitask and deal with different tasks at once. During my internship period, I managed to utilize the management tools present to schedule duties and timelines to my colleagues just so every task is not forgotten or comes in late. Similarly, I used to work for a client who had strict deadlines, but I ensured that I met the deadline. Although, sometimes there were troubled times, where everyone seemed busy, and some reports had not been completed, I stayed calm and got them done.

Describe a time when you had a conflict with a teammate or classmate, and used one of your strengths to resolve that conflict.

Well, working at Oracle was a good chance for me to experience every benefit and appreciate challenges too. A time came when I asked a colleague to finish up some bank reconciliation issue because I was not conversant with it that much. Since the deadline was fast- approaching, he agreed to finish it before the end of the day. However, as a shocker, he did not accomplish what was left, and I had to leave the tasks I had at hand and consult about the unknown. I was not lucky that day because I submitted the work a little late. It was frustrating, but the following day I found an apology email from my colleague. Well, taking time away from what had transpired gave me a chance to cool down from the pressure I faced working to meet the deadline and particularly think with a clear head. That is how I approached him and told him all was well; he needed not to worry. It was a better carefully thought judgment according to me.

Conflicts might arise in every office setting, and it just depends on how they are handled. I felt disappointed and could not face him that evening. Somehow, I knew deep down I needed to recollect my courage to face the issue and not let it be water under the bridge. Maxwell (119) states that “it is with conflicts that tensions arise, and in an office environment, it would not be prudent to have such attitudes.” Not dealing with a conflict might just escalate the issue and affect the teamwork and overall performance which is not professional.

What types of people would you work well with? Can you give a specific example from your academic or part-time work?

I work well with communicative individuals. Communication is paramount in any firm. Without effective communication, confusion, delays, misunderstanding and other negative things may result affecting its productivity and operations. If a colleague has a workload and does not speak up for assistance ending up failing to accomplish his/her task, then it will not portray good professional behavior. Accounting is a team environment, and without proper communication channels then information may not be relayed well.

I love enthusiastic teams. I like engaging in fun activities to cheer up moods in the office. Stress is bound to kick in any time, and if it is allowed to reign in a team, then most likely tasks will be affected negatively. According to Maxwell (120), people lose morale and the spirit to work and produce good results. Good decision makers make work easier. This is a fact that leads me to like problem solvers in any company. Brainstorming is a good virtue in corporation’s culture. When a problem arises, and people are throwing in solution ideas, it portrays the commitment of employees to the success of the company. They want to see it thrive.

A committed and reliable individual is a plus to any group. I truly believe that for success to be seen, everyone must offer all their abilities. If it is an ongoing project, they should be ready to be there working towards its completion. An example is way back in high school; I was a team leader working on a group assignment. I made sure that every member participated by giving each one their duties and deadlines. Failure to do the same would result in a penalty for having to be excluded. Since all of us wanted to score highly in that paper, we made sure to finish each assigned task in time to compile and submit it. This is an example of a collaboration and reliable team.


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