Understanding the personality, values, interests, and skills is the first step taken towards choosing a career path. Learning on what you value most is the most valuable thing in life or work environment that is necessary before an individual embarks on a career choice. The career, academic program, or academic skills that I am interested in is jurisprudence. Jurisprudence is the theoretical study of legal matters; it brings a more profound understanding of legal institutions, legal systems, legal reasoning and the role of law in the society.

The various reasons why I choose jurisprudence as my academic program of interest are; jurisprudence provides a range of thoughts that seeks not to ignore the realities of legal practice but give a broader dimension to understanding those realities (Twining, 2009). Here, the skills of jurisprudence help in dealing with the day to day practical application of the law. The other reason why jurisprudence interests me is that its study helps in enlarging an individual’s perception fact and thought patterns that have emerged in the legal structures today. The other reason why I choose prudence is that it helps us think philosophically about the law. Here, jurisprudence helps us to familiarize with the normative questions that surround the legality and the legitimacy of legal systems across the globe. We can answer questions such as; is a lawless society better? What is fair and what is unfair? And what obliges us to follow a legal system.

In conclusion, I am interested in jurisprudence because it is crucial in understanding law. The program helps us to unlearn the underlying assumption about law and develop a critical perspective about modern law. It also clarifies legal thought and experience.




Twining, W. (2009). General jurisprudence: understanding law from a global perspective. Cambridge University Press.