Kindred by Octavia Butler


This story focuses on Dana Franklin who is of black origin who lived in the town of Los Angeles. Afterwards, she went to a plantation in Maryland owned by Rufus father. Rufus consults Dana whenever he encounters any problem. She also mentors Rufus to ensure that he embraces good morals. However, her efforts failed to succeed, and he ends up being a rapist and racist who does not value other individuals(Octavia 22). After associating with Dana for a while, Rufus attempts to rape her. Dana retaliates by stabbing to death. Later, she meets Kevin, a fellow writer and they ultimately fall in love. The two individuals decide to marry each other even though they came from different races. From this novel, I believe that race has a significant effect on a person’s identity. This is because it determines the attitude that people will develop towards an individual from a different race.

Author’s main argument

The novelist’s central argument is that love surpasses race barriers. This is evident where Kevin and Dana married each other even if they faced resistance from their families. Therefore, the race which was viewed as a weakness eventually became their strength in their relationship (Octavia, 36). This shows that their bond was strong and no one could manage to separate the twoindividuals. The significance of the reading is that race should be a unifying factor and not something that disintegrates people.


The book is enjoyable since it leaves the audience in suspense. The writer does not explain what happened after the death of Rufus. Moreover, this was the climax of the story that leaves the readers imagining what might have happened later. The tale could be more appealing if it had a logical conclusion.


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