Labor Unions

Labor unions were established to reinforce the efforts in protecting and safeguarding the working population from mistreatments and abuses — the labor unions aimed at protecting the workers from poor working conditions and sweatshops(Ahlquist, 2017). On the other hand, the unions have been reported to be the major causes of industrial decline and linked to premature collapsing of the industries over the past years. However, in several circumstances the unions have been highlighted to be the major contributor to the cultural, political and economic fabric of the American and their role in industrial development have led to tremendous growth in the United States.

From an economic perspective, one can argue that labor unions are efficient. One of the reasons for this is because it gives its members some bargaining power. Unions are legally registered and are also given the mandate to represent the grievances of its members to the concerned agencies (Ahlquist, 2017). This tends to be better since no riots are involved in the raising of complaints which does not hurt the economy in any way. Unions also help its members in saving some of their money through welfares. At the end of their tenure, the members benefit from their savings and save them from retiring as poor people.

Unions serve the objective of protecting and safeguarding the working population from mistreatments at their place of work as the main priorities. However, apart from unions, there are other economically efficient ways through which the objectives can be achieved. One of the ways is by the proper use of the judicial system. This is where one can file a case of mistreatment in a court of law and get justice there. Another method is by entering an agreement or contract with the employer where the terms and conditions of work are discussed. With that, the need to have unions decreases and a proper working environment is created.


Ahlquist, J. S. (2017). Labor unions, political representation, and economic inequality. Annual      Review of Political Science20, 409-432.

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