Lakota People

Lakota People

Thanks to technology Aaron can take photographs that depict the injustice that is happening to the Lakota people. Listening to the show evokes a mixed feeling of empathy towards Lakota people and hatred for the government from the start to end. I felt sorry and pity at how the government has silently been treating his citizens. After the show, I felt like I should be part of the change that this country needs. i will use the social media platform as a tool to raise awareness regarding the plight of Native Americans. I feel Lakota people deserve equal treatment. The government should own up and face reality by making up for historical injustice.

Furthermore, the message should reach all Americans who secretly are oppressed. It is high time that the government acknowledges that black lives matter. The government should find a peaceful way to end racism. Leaders from both sides should sitting down and not only sign treaties but instead come up with a systematic lasting solution to the problem. Resources should be distributed equally to every American.

Additionally, the government should intervene and help protect the culture of the Native American before it faces distinction. The government should try and integrate the native community into society by promoting equality. Such rich history should be taught openly and truthfully in school so that coming generations to understand how it all began and most importantly how the current government played a massive role in correcting the evil of past regime.

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