Landscape architecture reflections

Reflection #1/ First Day

My current understanding of landscape architecture and urbanism is that landscape is vital in developing cities. Landscape according to architects is unifying as well as an underlying framework where everything is built on. In other words, buildings are developed within the landscape. The urbanism depends on the science of ecology as a vital source for designing landscape and developing foundations. The art that science determines design in landscape architecture implies that the environmental design of planners entails the need to analyze, plan and design projects effectively. In designing environments not only in urban but also in neighboring rural areas, the key factor to operate on is managing as well as protecting the natural environment. The quality of life has to be protected as much as the landscape architects may work on designing the best places for living things, inclusive of people. For example, in designing highways, urban plazas, parks, zoos among other projects, the natural environment must be protected from its rivers, coasts, and forests.

Reflection # 2/ Class # 9

The information gained from the course has positively changed my original understanding of landscape architecture and or urbanism in that I have a comprehensive understanding of the fact that landscape architecture represents ideas. Looking at the history of ecology and nature designs show that most of the urban projects communicate an idea or value. The Columbus Park found in Chicago resembles the natural scenery of this given region yet the motivations behind come from different respects. Most of these projects critically examine different motives and values that are evident to explain the current issues and confusion that arise from authority as well as nature.

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