Language, Soft power, and Cultural diplomacy

Language, Soft power, and Cultural diplomacy

The British Council, the alliance francaise and Confucius institute are global organizations that play a significant role in enhancing cultural diplomacy. The British Council was founded in 1934 with the primary objective of promoting British language, culture, and businesses in foreign nations. Germany and France had already set up cultural entities to serve the same purpose. The new body was established initially to improve British relations with other countries. Other individuals created suspicions when they claimed that there were political motives behind the formation of the council (Bao and Du 2015, pg 291). However, such sentiments did not hinder it from promoting British culture across the world. Currently, it has approximately one hundred offices that are found in different parts of the globe. In the future, the council intends to extend the British culture to almost all parts of the world. As a result, it will assist in creating better relations between the British and the outside world.

Another purpose of creating this entity is to enhance appreciation of the UK's creative ideas and achievements. However, the primary objective remains to promote British traditions across the globe. Additionally, it also engages in charitable activities which are funded by the British government (Berenson 2004, pg 2). The council also uplifts the living standards of citizens living in developing nations. It makes it easier for the citizens living in those countries to accept British culture. It is because individuals will view the council as an entity that aims to help people besides promoting western traditions.

Additionally, the organization also assists in enhancing development in developing countries. A perfect example was in Afghanistan where it educated its nations on how to do business. The citizens were able to benefit from British expertise. In this case, they were able to benefit from the skills that the country lacked. Moreover, the British Council also played a significant role in dealing with the effects of climate change in overseas countries. (Greener 2012, pg 181). This was done by implementing Br

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