Ethics Violation

Ethics violation in law enforcement occurs when police do not do what is expected for them because of lack of preparation.

Case: The 9th edition, offers extensive updates concerning Supreme Court leadership case which impacts law enforcement in the United States of America.

Event: Following are among the current events that took place in law enforcement.Adaptation of the new performance and upgrading of the seat belt.


Ethical issues of  life of off –duty and the  ethics use of  profiling,


when the officer does not know the right course of action to take, making the wrong decision and taking of the wrong course of action is very tempting.


There are many ways on how one can solve an ethical dilemma. However, my focus will be on the three points on the moral dilemma.In the three scenarios,for the officers to the sole ethical dilemma, they are supposed to analyze the consequences as well as explaining the actions that are likely to occur later. In the first scenario where officer is unable to  take the right course of action, before the officer  make any decision he is suppose to ask himself  as to whether the course of action he is about to do  will be of help to anyone, who is likely to be hurt and  will the consequence be long or short term . That is the action chosen based on the self-interest or selfish or will it be of good help to other people? By asking themselves that question, it will help them make the best decision and the most important avoid being in a dilemma while making the decision. Also, the right choice that they will make will help them to have a dull time while working and creating a good relationship with other people. In the second scenario, where even after officers making decisions they are still challenging to is advisable to the officers that before they make a decision they first have to consider the action as the best according to their capability. It can be very challenging if officer when making a decision they end up using the wrong choice which will also be a burden to them.They should ensure that the action does not bring any harm to other people and that the decision made will not affect them for a long durations. Also, they should ensure that the chosen action reflect the truth; it is the ethical, moral principle and that it does not affect anyone. Finally in the last scenario is when the wrong course of action is tempting. In this scenario, it almost happens to everyone, where when making the right choice one end up choosing the wrong thing which is mostly attempting. As a result to solve this problem, one should be able to ask himself as to whether the preferred choice will last for long or it will be for a short time then leave marks of pain. Also individual should consider the effects of the wrong tempting decision and who will be affected. Final call issues are soled by first consulting friends who are more experience,



Ethical violation

Ethics violation occurs when there is offering prohibited evidence in the court.                                                                              Case and Events

Case: A legal case refers to the dispute that took place between two parties, it can either be a civil case or a criminal case, and in each case, there is accuser and defendants.

Events:  Opening of the statement, presentation of the evidence, rulings by judgment. Closing Arguments, Opening Statements. Judges were reading the instructions. Finally edges usually meet and make a decision on the verdict of the case


Mistreating of  the grand judges, imposing more charges on the criminal defendants, harassing of the witness, violation and  using false to give evidence


Whether to punish the death penalty, go the case the defendant is blameless or send away the case in times when thy finds that there is not enough evidence and at the same time defendant appears to be guilty.



Concerning the three ethical dilemmas of the court, here are the ways on how those ethical issues should be soled. First Analysing the action and the consequesences of the action. Second, avoid rushing to judgment and so the court to find out the best way to deal with the case. Third, the judges should discuss and come out with the solution towards the problem, and finally, the prosecutors should identify the ethical principles to be involved in the case. Following the first moral dilemma as to whether the court should impose the death penalty on not. Before they make that decision, they are supposed to as themselves the following question, That is, who will be affected after the death penalty, who will benefit, will the decisions brings along orshortterm effects to the family. With the help of this question, the court will be able to make the right decision. For instance, the people to b affected in this scenario is the families and the friends especially if he was the breadwinner of the house. To avoid being in an ethical dilemma, the prosecutors should come up with another alternate of punishment like putting the suspect in jail where his loved one will be coming to see him after some time. Also, the decision of death penalty should not b made by on judges but instead before he makes that decision he should ensure that he has consulted other judges for advice concerning that. Also before deciding to take action of the death penalty, he should consider as to whether the ethical principle such as truth and honest were portrayed. In the second scenario where the court faces the moral dilemma as to whether to continue in case, the defendant is innocent.In this situation, before the court decide whether to stop the evidence or to stay with it, it should ensure that it has enough reason to dismiss the case. To solve this ethical dilemma, they should consider why the defendant was sed and what are the possible causes that make time to be set free. It is because most cases were taken to court there is always an approval that the defendant has committed the crime. Also, it is necessary to have a shred of clear evidence that the defendant is innocent of what the court had sued him. Finally, in an ethical dilemma where the court finds that there is not enough evidence, before dismissing the case, the court is supposed to consider the parties that had sed him, the reason as to why the defendant was sued and the possible things that could have taken place to lack enough evidence. The reasons why those conditions should be considered is because some witnesses are killed and others threatened to make corse requires enough proof on the defendants. Finally, the prosecutors have the responsibilities of coming p with the right decision to ensure that they are not favoring any party or else they are not against anyone to make a free and a fair judgment that will satisfy all the parties.



Ethics violation

occurs when there is the mistreatment of the prisoners by the staffs.

Case and Events

Case: Is applied when staff needs to be corrected correcting on how they treat the prisoners

Event: Taking the officers to the training to teach them on how prisoners are supposed to be addressed            Ethical issues

Rehabilitation to the prisoners and treating their criminals well.                                                                                                                   Ethical dilemma

What to be covered  in training, sexual  misbehavior. corruption, disobedience while conducting an investigation,abuse by fellow criminals and financial criminals

Solving ethical dilemma

Following the above named moral dilemma concerning correction in prisons, the following are the possible ways on how to solve that ethical dilemma.First, the ethical dilemma of not knowing what will be trained when conducting training for both prisoners and the officers, the preparation should be done in advance to avoid the chances of going ot necessary information which might affect the situation than it was. Training police officers help them to understand that despite those criminals were caught violating the law they still have their rights and that there are some beverages they are supposed to enjoy when even in the prisons. Second, the ethical dilemma of sexual harassment that took place between prisoners and police officers. Most of the sexual harassment occurs for instance when female officers are assigned the duty to supervise like hundreds of male prisoners. What will follow is that the system should make an arrangement of increasing many officers and especially during the night shifts to make prisoners feers harassing other police officers. The same case happens to the male police he is likely to be harassed sexually by female prisoners which as a results makes the male prisoners when given the duty to patrol at night develop fever and not to perfume his work accordingly. The court should ensure that there are more officers given the responsibilities to patrol at night hence making the lies of both prisoners and office be on the safe sides. Third, the issues of corruption is another dilemma; the effect of crime should be discouraged to ensure that there are proper management and functioning of the system. The officers who are found practicing extortion should be punished in a way that will make other people stop practicing corruption. Forth, the ethical dilemma of dishonesty while conducting an investigation.Since the police officers took the oath of being truthful always, there should be regular training to remind them their duties and threaten to those that do not perfume their function well and hence thy end p producing false information to either lose their jobs or else face a seer punishment. As a result, it will make other officers be honesty in their work as it is their duties. Five, the issue of mistreating prisoners in prison should be discouraged because many police officers take advantages of the prisoners where they make them do a lot of work beyong their capability, and to some points, some officers take prisoners to work for them in their home. The issues should be discouraged to all those officers and hence impose a hefty charge on those who fond practicing.Finally, the problem of criminal matters is a situation where many prisoners in connection with some officers are fondly acting like conmen sing their phone, to single this issues the court should ensure that the prisoners do not hae the chance to use their phone and those fond sing phone they should be heavily punished. It is the work of the police officers and the court to ensure that they have come p with the possible measures to reduce the ethical dilemma in the correction sector.


                                                Ethical violation

It occurs due to the shortage of security among people.


Case: The cases where there is a need for security from the USA government.

Events:, reducing the uncertainty  between people and hence provide Ethical security       issues

They include: The secrecy, issues of war and peace  and  nature of the opponent

                                                ETHICAL DILEMMA

Whether to employ only American soldiers or employees soldiers from the entire world.Whether to send their soldiers to fight terrorism or attack the terrorist with the bomb.Whether states government should be part of the war or live for those countries to fight on their own.

                                  SOLVING ETHICAL DILEMMA

While addressing the ethical dilemma of whether the government of the states should consider employee only USA security or else give the job to all the security men from the entire world, it will be better if the government will involve all the soldiers from every corner of the world. It is because when individuals work far away from their home, they can learn and gain more experience which will make them exercise the same tastes when they come back to their country.The government should not discriminate anyone as it will lead to the  Unity among between countries hence reducing the violations that may occur. Considering that when they offer jobs to a foreign country, they will be improving the standards of living to many families all other the world. On the second dilemma where the government has to decide as to whether to send it solders and go where terrorist are hiding or else take bomb there to finish that terrorist,I support that the government should address their army to go and fight that terrorism.By so doing it will be avoiding the many chances that many innocent people are likely to die. When soldiers are sent, they are likely to identify and deal with the terrorist, and hence they will be able to avoid harming the innocent people. The action of sending soldiers to the countries that terrorist are hiding will be a better idea since it will make people work together and in case they realize someone who is specified they will be able to report him to the police stations. Also, the American government will be of great help by playing the role of uniting countries as well as solving the dilemma concerning the ethical dilemma of security. Finally the moral dilemma as to whether the united states should be part of the war or else they should live it for the countries to fight for themselves. The best way to solve this ethical dilemma is by giving thee support to the states and most important be part of the war. The decision will help a lot because the soldiers of the United States of America are stable as compared to all other countries. By being part of the war, there is an assurance that terrorist will be defeated hence solving the challenges of insecurities. Although making the right decision on the matters of securities may seen as a challenge to the government of the USA, however in the two scenarios as to whether to support or not support those ideas it may be possible. Most are the time that when making the decision it may be a challenge where one may be forced to take the necessary resolution.However it is advisable that before any action is taken on the ethical dilemma, one should consider the consequences of work,for how long will it take and the people who will benefit or lose.


                                                THE LEGISLATIVE

Ethical violation

It involves the conflict of interest unjustified influence and in the Abuse of office or the position.

Case: It is applied where there is a need to control the finance rule, other people.

Event: controlling of public fund, ensuring that power is exercised well, taking actions to those leaders who take advantages over other people


Ethical issues in legislative includes: respect to bioethics,anti-discrimination and in controversial moral norms

Ethical dilemma

Administration discretion, corruption, nepotism, secrecy in administrative leakage of the information, public accountability and finally the policy dilemma.


Following the above named ethical dilemma on the legislature,there are many ways on how those issues can be addressed. The government of the united states can efficiently sole matters since it has more power over its citizen and other countries all the world. While solving the ethical dilemma, the government should focus on making people feel satisfied with the action they take. Second,it should not be the cause of separation, but instead, it should bring people together as well as making sure that people remain in people to avoid the violation that is likely to happen. First, in the cases of Administration discretion where cort is given permission to exercise judgment and the citizens at large are allowed to practice decision making, the government of the states should ensure that no one is limited in making their own decision and that they should be given a chance to express their views. On the side of the court,it should ensure it has conducted a fair judgment that will make all the parties fill satisfied at the end of the course.Second, government should solve the issue of corruption to enable it has a soft moment when making the right decision. The government should take action on those people fonds corrupt without minding their position since many people who practiced exercise are those at a high level.Third, In the legislature,the act of nepotism usally happens when there is, for instance, the people in power try their best to make sure that their families and friends have gotten the job priorities as a first priory.The States government shold make sure that it has the names of the people and their information on where they have come from to avoid the dilemma of eliminating nepotism. The government should ensure that when going out job opportunities, it gives equal chances to all people without considering where they come from and hence avoid the act of nepotism which at the results to the violence in the states. Forth, to be able to sole with an ethical dilemma in the legislature, the government should not privately do their things but instead whatever it is doing it should make sure that public is also participating in the development of the States. Five, it should make the members of the people responsible in whatever they are doing for instance government should advise members of the public to take care of their properties, avoid corruption among themselves because if any harm happens, they will be responsible for it. Finally, to solve the ethical dilemma, the legislature should not introduce the policies that will make citizen be in difficulty as for whether to follow them or to avoid them. By so doing there is an assurance that the government of the states should have a small time when making the right choice and it will no longer experience the Ethical challenge dilemma again.



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