Leadership in a Learning Environment

Leadership in a Learning Environment

  • In leadership, it is crucial to engage students in learning. Student engagement in learning is essential to me as it is a necessary construct in motivation. Usually, an engaged student demonstrates an elevated level of effort, becomes more positive in emotions and can be seen to pay attention in the classroom, unlike less involved peers.
  • Another leadership lesson is that classroom procedures must be well managed.  Classroom routine is a key factor in classroom life, and they facilitate learning and teaching. The importance of this lesson to me is that with better classroom routine in place, I am able to save classroom valuable time and learning environment would have efficient time to learn and achieve a lot.
  • Another learned lesson is student behavior must be well managed. A well-behaved classroom is that which is adequately managed with the primary goal to reduce misbehavers from students. When there is effective classroom management, students have little time to misbehave since the teachers have their expectation well outlined.
  • Providing feedback to students is another vital lesson learned, and this is significant to me as a way of engaging students in a collaborative learning environment



In ensuring supported learning to students, one should begin analyzing the curriculum, define the cores skills, of course, mix and match a wide range of reading teaching methods. Another step to revise the skills and allow students to establish their own learning goal

The first step in ensuring student engagement in learning is incorporating technology in lessons, second employ peer teaching and also integrate games in the lessons.

Action step in ensuring better safety and health of students in a learning environment starts with ensuring students are both physically and emotionally safe from ill behavior like bullying


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