Leadership Resilience

Research shows that leaders encounter intense pressure from their comfort zones to learn and explore creative processes and symbolic aspects such as mental toughness, grit, and resilience to bring out effective leadership. The contemporary world confronts leaders to possess a series of learned tactics and inborn traits to maximize the potential of leading extraordinarily (Adler, 2019). Leaders encounter these challenging situations that act as a test to their self-esteem and character such that mental toughness, resilience, psychological hardiness, and grit are essential to sustain long-term ability to overcome challenges.

Excellent leaders possess the growth mindset such that they understand developing new skills is essential. Visualization of positive thoughts is a great way to instill the mental toughness, grit, and resilience as it creates an attitude that survives during harsh times. Changing the attitude enhances positive outlook preventing one from wallowing in self-pity. Besides leadership is the ability of a person to influence others cohesively and coherently to achieve a common goal (Sharma & Jain, 2013). Another great strategy of building psychological hardiness is the ability to transform struggles into advantages.

Developing an adaptive capability requires the grit, resilience and the potential to grasp context easily. Grit is the ability to combine zeal, a persistent effort, confidence in skills and a strong personality (Duckworth et al., 2007). Resilience is the description of the ability to bounce back after repeated setbacks. Therefore, viewing obstacles as the opportunity to learn makes one develop psychological hardiness. Another great tactic of building resilience and grit is by being mindful. Mindfulness allows one to be aware of their environment and feelings to assist one to focus by preventing automatic emotional reaction when bad things occur. Building resilience enables a leader to handle their role effectively to others and themselves.



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