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Leadership Styles

The leader-member relations at Northwest University is depicted as a loose relation(da Cruz, Nunes, & Pinheiro, 2011). The relationship between the college president and the and the staff is not tight. It is evident that the team did not have confidence in the president, Dr. Kramer. The president lacked influence over the university leadership because the member did not trust him. For instance, Dr. Kramer is unaware of the scandal that is taking place in Dr. Oliver's department. The state fund paid dr. Oliver who was in charge of non-academic employees budgeted for salaries of employees in her department yet the same employees. The scandal had taken place for many years, but the president failed to realize it. Thus, the president, Dr. Kramer is said to have been a leader who never followed the leader-member exchange theory in his leadership. He was completely unaware of what was going on in different departments within his jurisdiction.

Leaders position power refers to the powers that the leader enjoys in terms of directing the group and the ability

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