International law has ultimately evolved in the 21st century which has also led to the evolvement of legal core principles. As the years go by, so many things have happened that has caused a rise in the need to protect states as well as its citizens. The ways which have created legal core and principles are of conjecture and importance. The four laws which were present in the classical era have changed. The four principles which were present which included legal positivism, the centrality of states, the doctrine of intervention, and neutrality have since changed due to the changing nature of circumstances both nationally and internationally. Some legal core principles such as neutrality and doctrine of intervention have since disappeared.

The need or rather the responsibility to protect has been one of the significant ways that legal principles have evolved. This has caused the rise of human rights globally which can be seen as a measure to protect humans from themselves to create sanity in the globe. The relationship between law and politics has become intense such that at times politics has played a significant role in how people follow or break the law established to protect citizens. For instance where leaders have used their political power to escalate violence in their countries which has seen hundreds of people lose their lives due to abuse. Leaders at times tend to use politics for their gain which was one of the reasons legal core principles have evolved.

There has been a decline in the legal sanity of the states to control domestic affairs as well as international relations. This has also been a reason for the evolvement of legal core principles to control the same. Different participants have engaged in global decision-making processes to create legal core principles. These legal principles struggle to empower and restrict states at the same time. In my thoughts, most of these factors are brought about by politics. The relationship between politics and international law is separated by a thin line since most of the problems that arise between states are caused by political indifference. For instance, the issue between the United States of America and Mexico when President Trump decided to build the wall at the border which has caused conflict between the two states which were in the same trade region. Legal core principles have evolved to solve such problems between nations for peaceful coexistence.

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