Levels of affectability by cardiovascular diseases

The prevalence study was concerning a diverse population of the Hispanic/ Latino group living in America. This study aimed at discovering the levels of affectability by cardiovascular diseases among this population and the risk factors involved. The study created a comparison between the illnesses among the men and women of this population. Therefore, the main aim was to find out how often various risks appear to be causing cardiovascular diseases and which group between men and women had higher prevalence percentages.

Significantly, lifestyle was among the factors that are leading to these diseases. For instance, the study indicates that acculturation was a significant factor. These population majority of whom are from a different origin and nationality may have gone through acculturation to habits that are common among the larger population. Additionally, obesity and current smoking rates were higher among Puerto Rican participants 40% of men being obese and34.7% being current smokers. Further, 51.4% of women were overweight while 31.7% were current smokers.

In essence, the intervention in this population should include the creation of sensitization programmes on feeding habits and nutritional health. Importantly, as part of nursing practitioners’ duties, the residents of sampled areas should be educated appropriately. This intervention option is transferrable to these communities as the best way to change lifestyle is through unlearning and acculturation.

On the other hand, since most of the participants seem to be new in their environments with less than ten years of residence, the culture shock and adjustment issues may have affected their lifestyles. Therefore, education of the effects of smoking especially concerning CVD and other heart diseases could help. The approach is relatable to these communities as most may be from different cultures where there was little or no emphasis on tobacco use and its effects.

In conclusion, socioeconomic statuses came up as a factor that is related to CVD and with a considerable prevalence. Hence, economic empowerment programs could do more to help deal with these factors. Additionally, agencies could assist in settling those struggling to get permanent residency which will help them find their place in the social and economic space.

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