Life Online: Online Marketing

Life Online: Online Marketing


Online marketing is considered as the practice of leveraging internet through web-based means to share information about a brand, company, different products or even services to get customers. The kind of techniques or methods that are being used for online marketing can be by the use of social media, search engine optimization, email, displaying adverts on websites or through short commercial videos on youtube. The core objective of online marketing is to spread the way everywhere in an aim of getting potential customers where these people spend a better part of their time socializing in different platforms, shopping online, searching or watching online among many other ways (Online Marketing).

With the widespread adoption of the internet in every corner of this world, businesses and entrepreneurs have found a niche where they can fully optimize and generate many customers by advertising their products and services through the different means mentioned above.  There are many benefits with online marketing, and that’s where the whole concentration is put as there are millions of people in the internet per second in a full circle year though it comes with challenges where you have to convert virtual internet users to real customers. This type of marketing differs from the traditional ones which are either done through media houses or adverts on a billboard. (Online Marketing). Online marketing had solved a financial problem where in the past before its existence, marketing was so expensive and was only done by big brands or wealthy entrepreneurs. With its emergence, many people can now reach thousands of internet users by spending way less compared to the traditional way of marketing hence small businesses have grown to maximum potential through online marketing.


Types of Online Marketing

There are different types of online marketing which can strategically suit a business product or services to the exact customers the business is looking for, and they include;

  • Pay per Click – This is a right and useful type of online marketing which drives traffic very quickly to the business website. Though it is a cautious way of marketing as it can make the business lose a lot of funds if it is done aimlessly. It is the best type of online marketing used widely as once the advert campaign is optimized then it is computed and brings profitable ROI. Also (PPC) uses keywords to reach the target audience very quickly thus engaging many internet users of your preferred kind easily (Garima Kakkar).
  • Email Marketing – It is also a type of internet marketing which involves creating an email list and sharing information to multiple emails at a go. It is considered as one of the most critical ways of marketing which have some seriousness in it. Email marketing is understood to be a linkage between a high point in a business and the related sales, as it is not youthful because big cooperate business and entrepreneurs uses it.
  • Video Marketing – It is a type of online marketing which usually found in youtube, but many websites nowadays have added the video plugins into their sites to incorporate and utilize this type fully. Business usually makes short videos talking of their business core is how it runs or anything relevant to what they are selling. Graphic designers also chipped in this space and create more exciting videos like animation so that it can quickly draw the attention of the internet user to watch and listen to what it is shared. This type is considered as the most effective traffic generators, but the conversion of internet users to potential customers is low.
  • Social Media Marketing – It is the youngest form of online marketing yet considered to be the most powerful of all as it has the mass numbers of internet users per second. Any kind of business or services has jumped into social media and fully utilize the stages and advancing their business. Many internet uses spend almost their whole time in different social media platforms to socialize hence the need of optimization was seen, and Facebook saw this potential and started advertising on its platforms, and now the majority of social media are doing this. Small businesses find this lucrative as they do not spend a lot of money going to media houses to advertise their products or hiring graphic designers to make their banners hence, they pay these platforms a small amount of fee and the message is widely spread through thousands and thousands of internet users socializing. People with a mass following in these platforms also advertise brands and services of different businesses hence making it the most influential type of online marketing (Garima Kakkar).

Benefits of Online Marketing

Since its emergence, it has come with many benefits to both the businesses and the people who offer these services as it is a $ billion industry as of today. Below are the benefits which online marketing has brought;

    Increased Authority – This mode of marketing is essential not only it helps businesses to find potential customers, but also it can change the way of the company as the customers perceive it. In a situation where a business is ranked with big and respect businesses in search optimization it instantly boots the business confidentiality and being viewed as credible from the word go. This way your business grows to become a more respected business and have authority.

    Builds Long-Lasting Relationships – Online marketing brings something unique in it which has a substantial long-term impact with your customer. The customers get to respect your business and quickly become a repeat customer who builds that relationship and also these customers get to refer your business to their family members or friends that’s seeing the company grow tremendously (Nia Gyant).

    Neutral Ground – This form of marketing has made the ground neutral, and the competition stiff as there are small businesses in the picture unlike traditional mode of marketing small business were left out due to insufficient funds of marketing. Now everybody as up their game as customers no longer look for business brands instead look at the quality which is offered.


In conclusion, online marketing is significant to any person or business who wants to advertise their work to millions of people as the internet is widely accepted. This form of marketing is not expensive; thus anybody can wake up and do it rather than going a long process to get your adverts to media houses. As there are millions of people using the internet, then this form of marketing is there to stay and to help any needy person to share their information, products or service to other people easily and quickly.



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