Lifespan Development

Growth and development involves several processes in the human lifespan.The lifespan of human beings has been explained through theories by psychologists. Similarly, the stages of development are also illustrated by psychological theories. During growth and development, human beings experience changes in their behaviors such as hunger and eating habits as well as emotions. This blogpost discusses the human lifespan development through lifespan theories and the various behavioral changes such as hunger and emotions in the development stages.

Lifespan development is the view of development as a lifelong process. The lifespan development falls under three main domains. The first domain is physical development which involves changes in the brain and the physical body such as movement skills and senses. Secondly, lifespan development can be studied under cognitive development. Cognitive development involves language, memory and development in attention. Lastly, it may also be studied under psychosocial development. Development in emotions, and personalities are studied under the psychosocial aspect of lifespan development. Theorists view development as a continuous process where individuals continue to expand their existing skills. It can however be seen as a discontinuous process, for instance in the case of infants learning speech or motor skills. Development in these aspects begins at the stage when the child utters their first word or makes an attempts to move a step. The developments in the lifespan of a human being are influenced by nature and nurture. However, this area has been on debate for a long time. Personal traits may be inherited from parents through genes from birth (nurture). Similarly, individuals can develop certain personalities and behavior influenced by the environment around them(nature).

Lifespan development can be explained through several lifespan theories. These theories describe how babies grow and develop from infancy into adults. One major t

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