Love Poem Reply

Response to Avery Jobity 

Hi Avery, great work there, the poem you choose is very interesting.  Not many poets would embrace such an aspect as Blanco did. As a gay, he decided to write a poem about the same sex. He seems to portray the message that love is love no matter who the lovers are.  Blanco has used different elements of poetry in his work. He has used metaphors and imagery among others. You have really analyzed the poem but I feel that you have concentrated much on what Blanco wrote instead of the elements available in the poem.

Response to Elena Titova 

Hi Elena, great line of thought.  I agree with you that Gwendolyn Brooks Simple words, short sentences and rhythmic of the poem made it simple yet catchy.  You have however not talked about the poetry elements used in this poem. One of them is symbolism.  In line 5 and 6, Gwendolyn Brooks wrote “You look at things Through his eyes”. Practically, it is not possible to look at things from the eyes of someone else. This symbolises looking at things from another person’s perspective. Gwendolyn Brooks has also used personification. She wrote “Because your pulse must not say”. The pulse cannot talk.

Response to Miro Lebeuf-Boncich 

Great work Miro, Margaret Atwood has delivered a considerable definition of the word love. Different people define love differently based on their views. Margaret Atwood has aired her views well. She defined the word love from different contexts in her endeavor to identify the variations in the word love. She has used several elements of poetry in her work.  You have done well in summarizing what Margaret Atwood wrote by less in identifying the elements present in her work. Consider the opening line of the poem which says “This is a word we use to plug holes with”. This is personification since a word cannot plug holes.

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