Managing projects for organizations

There are different methodologies used in managing projects for organizations, and the organization will choose the best methodology depending on the type of project being handled and the effectiveness of the methodology(Green, 2019). The organization can either decide to either choose one or more methodologies. Among the advantages of using a single methodology is that there is no confusion within the organization in terms of handling activities that take place on the project. The other advantage is that the people know what is expected of them; hence they will concentrate on specific actions that they are assigned to.

The disadvantage of using a single methodology is that the methodology might fail; hence the organization does not have a backup plan in case the only methodology fails (Green, 2019). The other disadvantage of having a single methodology is that the organization has the same quality of work being done; hence if the work is of poor quality all the entire work will be of poor quality. Its advisable for organizations to consider having several methodologies to choose the best one that they see has quality work being done.

The organization can also consider having multiple methodologies, and there are pros and cons of having various methodologies. The advantages of having multiple methodologies are that the organization can abandon the methodology that does not produce quality results(Green, 2019). The organization has another plan of methodology to use in case the initial methodology is not producing quality results. The disadvantage of multiple methodologies is that it brings confusion among the employees they are unable to know which methodology to use.


Green, S. (2019). Choose Your Project Management Methodology: Pros and Cons of Agile, Waterfall, PRiSM and more. Retrieved from

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