Maps are a significant aspect of the society

Maps are a significant aspect of the society

Maps are a significant aspect of the society as they are utilised by significant entities such as the military (defence forces), surveyors, citizens, meteorologists among others. Both Corner and Cosgrove argue, in their way, that maps are inherently subjective, interpretative and fictional con­structs, but that they also very much influence decisions, actions and cultural values.

Electioneering process is a liberal process in the USA and at the pinnacle is a presidential election. The campaign period usually is gruesome as each party has an equal opportunity to present their manifesto. Predictions are typically conducted in what is called an opini9on poll which is then mapped out. The map above represents a projection of how vote distribution would occur if only women voted in the 2016 presidential election involving Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. In some way, maybe the map represented an accurate reflection given it would be ideally prudent for women to back their own. On a practical approach, it only served a hypothetical view. Questions arising from the timing of the presentation of the chart makes sense. In a heated political environment, such materials would sway the opinions of the voters into believing that the feminine gender would massively back up the female candidate at the expense of the male compatriot. An attitude towards turning up in large numbers, gender attached, would then emanate to either topple the projection or uphold it.

Maps go beyond just showing us locations and other societal aspects such as patterns. They may influence attitudes and opinions as hey bear influence on individualistic interpretation. Moreover, in them entails subjection based on the fictional components construed. It is mandatory to represent the truth in map projection; however, avoiding swaying the innocent.

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