Market adjustment to automation and you

My future job is non-routine cognitive in nature.  Non routine cognitive jobs require high level of education and experience. They include analytical and technical positions that require no routine. With the technological revolution, the routine cognitive jobs are the most affected. For anything that follows a specific routine, it is easy for a software developer to code a computer to perform the task.

With the non-routine cognitive jobs, it is hard to code a computer which can change with the changes in activities or analysis. I am predicting that technology will be a complementary to me. The non-routine cognitive jobs demand high level of thinking and creativity. With computers, there is no creativity. Computers depend on the code written to them. This makes it hard for computers to replace these kinds of jobs. Take for example a public relations position. Computers can not relate with people to learn their behaviors. This can only be done by humans who can interact with fellow humans.

Machines and computers coded based on a routine. Consider like a car manufacturing plant. It is easy to code a computer to control the whole process since the process is repeated once and again the same way. However, for the non-routine cognitive jobs, there is no single routine; it depends solely on creativity and thinking. This makes it hard for anyone to write a code that can be creative and think. However, a code can be written to supplement with some tasks such as calculations and analysis. In public relations, one needs to conduct some behavior analysis which requires computers. However, with the development in technology and especially the internet, I cannot refute that someday, someone will be able to code virtual intelligence.

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