Marketing New Bites

Marketing articles especially promotional ones are outstanding as far as their contents are concerned. This is the case with the article “Uber and Lyft Said to Offer Drivers a Chance to Participate in I.P.O.s.” Uber and Lyft drivers are being allowed to participate in the purchase of the Initial Public Offers (IPOs). The same thing also applies to Lyft because these two companies have not given their drivers their chance to reap from the rewards of investing. The company stocks shall be convertible into cash. This is intended to benefit the Uber and Lyft drivers who have been unable to reap the benefits of their work in terms of investing in their company stocks.

This marketing article is meant to improve the image of the companies because public perception will be better than it is as at now. More so, the two companies are looking at avoiding potential and looming lawsuits filed by their drivers over their rights and pay. The implication for marketers is that Uber and Lyft shall not have to increase their budgets for publicizing their companies necessarily. More so, they are aiming to cut down on the cost of maintaining drivers. The relationship between these two companies and drivers has been not good. However, to bring these drivers to attaining the main aim, the businesses have granted the drivers right to accept tips from customers. The cost that the companies have been using to maintain employee loyalty shall also reduce significantly because the staff shall continue to work towards giving their best. Marketers shall, therefore, have an easy time in their work because the employees shall themselves market the company. More so, making Uber and Lyft drivers part of the company would increase revenues.