Marvel Core Values

An enterprise is only as strong as its core values and operations. The rationale behind any business is the maximization of revenue and minimization of costs to realize supernormal profits. Based on the transformative agenda set out by firms, core competency in management evokes uniqueness. The objective is customer attraction to catapult selection of set products. On the flip-side, organizations sometimes witness shocks that lead to bankruptcy. The aftermath determines the health of the business in the long-term.

Marvel offers an ideal study in core competency and post-bankruptcy aspects. The management decided to veer off in the structuring of characters to capture the market. The game-changing move involved using ordinary people as a starting point to transformation to meta-humans. The strategy meets the three aspects of core competency. Firstly, relevance is induced given the customers would connect deeply with the characters created given the normalcy genesis. Secondly, the unusual move gave the rival (DC comics) minute room for imitation. Thirdly; the strategy opened up a large niche of markets and steered Marvel comic sales to greater heights, despite the hurdle of printing ownership by the rival firm. Peter Cuneo addressed the period that had the company witness bankruptcy. He set five businesses during post-bankruptcy, i.e., comic books, trading cards, toys, character licensing, and marvel studios.  Peter decided to initiate the stabilization of the enterprise by focusing on the core business of comic and toy sales along with famous character exclusive rights licensing. The objective was to charge image-building through successive films consequently raising toy revenue. The transformation deployed worked marvelously as the enterprise regained financial strength.

Marvel as an organization has stood the test of time by evolving uniquely to shun competition. The step taken by the creative management in character-building built a brand that meets the three aspects of core competency- relevance, the difficulty of imitation, and breadth of application. The bouncing back from bankruptcy involved ideal strategic play that ensured the success of the Marvel organization.

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