Marxist Idea of Ideology

Karl Marx and Engels are credited as being the authors behind the idea of German Ideology.The dogma seeks to acme the tendency to prioritize material life over religion. Marx uses this philosophy to explain different ways that material life impacts both culture and thoughts of people in society(Mark and Engel, 1970). Before coming up German Ideology, the phrase ideology was used to refer to ideas disconnected from the empirical reality. However, the German Ideology comes with a deeper explanatory function and meaning.

Marx’s definition is centered on the conception of modern society and false consciousness (Mark and Engel, 1970). Marx’s ideology asserts that items, in reality, are produced in reverse. Material life is thus viewed as images in a camera that are produced in reverse. However, the explanation creates the question of the ability of human beings to perceive their world correctly. In one of his assertions, Karl Marx defines ideologies as being sublimates and phantoms. This definition implies that ideological thought is infective without casual power or martial reality. The declaration triggers questions on why material life and ideology relate as matter does to the mind.

The concept put across by Karl Marx questions the intellectual nature of material life and the immaterial nature of ideology. Nonetheless, the GermanIdeologyaffirms that the dispute on non-reality or reality of thinking is a scholastic question (Rosen, 2000). Marx and Engel do not explain practice from an idea but offers an in-depth description of factors that lead to the creation of ideas. Moreover, the ruling class is regarded as having the ability to control mental production as it has psychological production at its reach.





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