Mazda Related Discussion Questions

  1. Analyze the role of integrated marketing communications in the marketing of automobiles such as the Mazda Protegé and MAZDA6. How is each IMC element used to market automobiles?

The primary role of integrated marketing communication (IMC) is to inform, persuade, and to remind loyal or potential customers of the benefit of purchasing a motor vehicle brand produced by an automobile company. Mazda knew perfectly well who were its target customers for the Mazda Protégé and Mazda6 were. The firm, therefore, adopted the IMC to advertise the Mazda Protégé to drivers aged between 20 and 30 years who were still young and were objective of owning a "cool, fun, and hip to drive" car. It also used internet marketing to promote its Mazda6 brand among men who were lovers of motorsport games and were enthusiastic about retaining sporty but more mature vehicles. Through these IMC approaches, the company was able to expand its market share by informing and persuading buyers to purchase these two Mazda brands.

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