McDonald Chain Restaurant

McDonalds Chain Restaurant is one of the best entities in the restaurant industry. This is due to the services and meals that are provided. It operates on the same scale as another restaurant in a different place to maximize productivity. The chain restaurant majorly operates with not less than eight units. McDonald’s management is under shared ownership as the operations are diversified to ease production. The operational setup of Macdonald’s is established into the real host departments, the quick services segment, and eating and drinking locations.

MacDonald is segmented into various departments to enhance customer satisfaction. These include the retail host department, quick service segment and the eating and drinking place (Khan, 2014). All the segments in MacDonald’s have specific roles toward customer satisfaction. A crucial segment in the McDonald’s restaurant is the quick services department in the business operations.

The quick-service segment is essential in ensuring that customers are provided with the take-out services and buffets practically. This segment in the chain restaurant entails dining locations were the customers are provided with the menu selections to choose whatever suits their desires. The quick service department also customizes its services in that customers can see the way their meals are being prepared. McDonald’s thus prepares the meals on order by customers. The department also provides sets lower prices on meals, and the food can be used at any convenient location.

The McDonald diversifies its operations to ease productivity in the industry and ensure customer satisfaction.The segmentation in McDonald’s have shaped the restaurant to be effective in rendering it’s services to customers as all segments in the restaurant enhance customer satisfaction


Khan, M. A. (2014). Restaurant franchising: Concepts, regulations, and practices. Apple Academic Press.

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