McDonald’s Sales Up Globally, Despite Fewer US Customers

McDonald’s Sales Up Globally, Despite Fewer US Customers


The story is about how McDonald’s sales are growing significantly across the globe despite having fewer clients in America. The entity modernized its stores which assisted in attracting more customers globally. However, there is still higher traffic in its stores. It is evident that the company’s sales grew by a margin of 4.4% in Italy and the Netherlands respectively. In the US, the corporation lost its breakfast market share to the rivals such as Taco Bell. McDonald’s intends to improve its breakfast sales through the use of mobile ordering system and coffee promotions.

Additionally, the company intends to increase the customer’s loyalty in the future. This will influence clients to continue purchasing the company’s products. One of the approaches is to use modern design to modify their restaurants. Though, U.S franchises feel that it takes more time to complete them. McDonald plans to establish more than 1200 branches in 2019, and most of them will be located in China.


Marketing concepts

Some of the marketing terminologies used in this article comprise of the following:

  1. Store traffic- This refers to the high number of people who visit the business premises at a particular time.
  2. Digital orderling- This is the process of requesting for products and services through the use of technology.
  3. Market share- It is the number of customers that are loyal to the company’s products.
  4. Franchising- This is where the owner of the business owner permits authorized dealers to sell goods and services on behalf of the corporation.

Marketing Issues

One of the challenges facing the business is stiff competition from competitors. It is the reason why the firm lost some clients in America. Massive amounts are also involved in promoting the entity’s products.


Competition can lead to a high rivalry between the business and other rivals in the industry. Additionally, consumers can shift their loyalty to the competitor’s products. Finally, the policy makers can use these challenges to improve the business environment in the US.



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