Memphis Broadway Production

The performance begins with dancing as the characters enter the stage. Memphis and Juliet and Romeo are more alike as all of them depict the western culture. Their dressing style is unique and cultural as they do this as a way to spread the culture to other people who might not be from the western part of the state. The performance is also accompanied by music to make it lively to the audience. Generally, the performance is meant to pass some information as well as entertaining the audience.

The scenery in the performance is inclusive as both men and women are included in the production. This is to depict a society that has no oppression of any gender as everyone is involved and treated equally. The performance is accompanied by music that plays an instrumental role in sending given information on how men and women should be addressed in society. The kind of dance at the beginning of the performance is impacting as it displays a culture of the western people who have a love for the music. For instance, the music used at the beginning of the performance is meant to make the audience lively and prepares them for the subsequent plays. As a result, they will be able to have the urge to watch the play until the end.

Generally, the overall production is instrumental in spreading the culture of the western people. Specifically, I like the way the characters change the different style of dressing to depict the kind of message they are sending in the performance. Secondly, the performance is not gender bias that makes it more instrumental in teaching equality in society. However, the length of the performance needs to be moderated as some people cannot concentrate for a long time.