Compare and contrast mythos and logos

The story of evolution can be explained in two ways, which include mythos and logos. While mythos is not concerned with the practical matters in the story, the logos concentrate more on this aspect. For instance, the creation of Eve from Adam’s rib in Genesis does not seem to be practical, but people are more concerned with the meaning of this story than the way that it happened. Therefore, by asking questions on whether the process happened and looking for answers, the story may lose its meaning, and this will be the logos way of explaining it.

Metaphysics and its origin

The word metaphysics comes from the Greek words "meta ta physika," which has the literal meaning of “the things after nature.” This expression was mainly used to refer to Aristotle’s texts. It is a study of philosophy whose objects of study encompass the true nature of things. This is to determine their principles, meanings, and structure.

Platonic metaphysical perspective and how is it demonstrated in Plato's allegory of the cave

Plato was of the perspective that there was more than just the perception of our senses. He held the view that there existed abstract objects, which do not exist in time and space. The allegory of the cave explains how prisoners had a unique perception of reality based on authenticity and had not seen the sun and other aspects of life. However, they realized that there were more to it when they were freed.

Aristotle's metaphysical perspective and why it is designated as metaphysical realism and how is it different from the Platonic metaphysical perspective

Aristotle held the perspective that all men possessed the wisdom to deal with the principles and the first causes of things. These reasons and principles form the basis of his study. Moreover, his perspective was called metaphysical realism because it looked at the reality of an object or through a conceptual scheme. It is different from platonic point of view due to its empirical interpretation of issues.

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