Metropolitan Area

A metropolitan area is a region that consists of a densely inhabited urban core and less populous surrounding regions sharing manufacturing, infrastructure, and housing. The essay examines the Washington metropolitan area positioned on Washington, D.C., capital of the U.S. and which integrates all federal districts, Maryland states and a small portion of West Virginia.

Washington’s CBD main activities include science and engineering work provided by Merck, Pfizer and Qiagen Company. Also, tourism also forms an important in the industry with more than 70,000 tourism segment jobs. This has rendered the CBD a High-Tech Center according to the statistical investigation of the best hundred metropolitan areas.  The significant features of the CBD include a central location, land use meant predominantly for retail shops and offices, high land price due to the great demand and taller buildings to counter land shortage.

The Central Business District is an essential area in the surrounding neighborhood. The many business and government offices, industrialization and economic development, imply increased job opportunities for individuals that reside in the locality.  Also, CBD provides closer services such as goods and services, improved infrastructure and recreational facilities to the adjacent neighbors.

The Central Business District land usage usually has a peak value. Also, land exploitation and intensity is very high. The CBD, therefore, emerge to be the area that charges the highest rent and land price in the city. Similarly, CBD’s architecture has a high floor area ratio and construction density while the building form develops vertically. The CBD incorporates plenty of economic activities which implies increased job opportunities. However, employment in the CBD characterizes high employment density, high turn-over ratio, and quality employees.

Washington’s CBD has several anchor business including information technology and industry and the solution strategy. However, despite the CBD creating job opportunities and creating a business environment, staff living in one apartment lacks contact with each other due to the different units and companies. In effect, this results in alienated interpersonal relationships. Additionally, oppression of space in the CBD to lack of exercises and high crime rate. leadsTo deal with this problem, there is a need to improve the construction design and embrace ecological constructions.


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