HIV is a virus that destroys the immune system; thus, making it difficult for the body to fight off infections. It kills CD 4 which prevents the body from diseases. Untreated HIV is the leading cause of AIDS which is a deadly disease. HIV can be spread through bodily fluids such as blood. HIV is a virus that damages the immune system. The immune system helps the body fight off, breast milk, vaginal and rectal fluids among others. However, the disease does not spread through physical contact. Currently, it is one of the killer diseases across the globe. The condition has no cure even though the scientist is trying to look for one. Therefore, the disease can be managed through treatment and eating a healthy diet.

HIV has several characteristics that can be easily be seen by those who suffer from the disease. Some of these signs comprise of rapid weight loss. Those who suffer from the infection can begin decreasing their weight within a short duration. Secondly, they may experience fevers and sweat a lot during the night. This is even though the weather might be reasonable in some of these instances(Hearley,2011). Besides, the patients can also experience extreme tiredness most of the time. As a result, their productivity can drastically decrease. Another sign is prolonged swelling of the neck, armpits and the lymph glands. This might make them experience a lot of pain in these parts.

In some cases, an individual can experience prolonge

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