Minimus is an ‘all under one roof’ company in terms of all items needed for a comfortable life. The company sells about eighteen categories of products with the main categories being food, pharmacy, households, travel accessories, travel, pet products, baby and toddler, boutique, cosmetics, toys, gift certificates and the company’s own specialized group of categories such sale items, clearance and wholesale items. The food category has a number of related categories in beverages and specialty food. These products are basically everything that we use in our day to day lives in our homes and while travelling which ever lifestyle one may prefer or actually live.  For instance while going out camping, the company will be a one stop shop because it offers beverages, foods, games, travel accessories, survival tools and products and has a pharmacy too. All the above products are necessary because they cover your health through the pharmaceutical products, your survival via the survival tools and products, your comfort in name of travel accessories and fun through games such as cards and your stomach via foods and beverages.

The fact that the company offers a wide range of products it is inevitable that there are a number of complementary products on the shelves. A good example is the boutique and the cosmetics categories. Fashion loving individuals especially women, once they buy a new wear they always want to complement it with some cosmetics such as a matching nail care color. In the case of substitutes the survival kits can be a substitute to the pharmacy products while going camping. This is because the survival kit contains the first aid kit which the main necessity of the pharmacy.

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