Mirador Retirement Community

Mirador is a retirement community created for senior adults in South Corpus Christi. The retirement community is characterised by three qualities that define its mission: First, it is considered as a residential retirement option which encourages health and wellness through the implementation of an active and independent lifestyle. Secondly, it offers services, social activities and unique amenities that improve the lifestyles of their clients. Additionally, it provides a continuum of care on site, in case the needs of the clients change.

Mirador is an assisted living facility that is based in Corpus Christi, TX. It provides various activities at their location for the residents. The events are aimed at ensuring that the residents maintain a healthy lifestyle by encouraging them to move and socialise with their peers. The ability to chat with other residents has become an essential component of many people's lives. Mirador Retirement Community provides a shared space within the facility to support that need. Living in an assisted community has various advantages that many people tend to exploit. Preparing meals can sometimes be costly and time-consuming, therefore, Mirador Retirement Community gives meals for the residents.

When I visited the Mirador Retirement Community, I realised that residents here enjoy a lively experience which is uniquely Corpus Christi. The organisation tends to take care of everything. The residents relax and enjoy a comfortable life. Most residents here casually live their lives because the organization takes away the worry out of retirement to enable them to live more. Within the community location, there are spacious grounds for coastal views, manicured courtyards and landscaped grounds, modern living rooms, library, game, lounge, and card rooms, media centre, state of the art wellness and fitness centre, personalized fitness and wellness programs, exhilarating schedule of educational, social, cultural, and recreational activities, and lifelong learning opportunities. It also has various resident services, full-time service dining options, and security features that safeguard the well-being of the employees.

At Mirador, the residents are given an opportunity to choose various foods and exceptional dining services, down-home cooking, and a private room for gatherings with friends and family. One thing that amazed me with this retirement community is that the residents eat just want what they want. Not that there is a routine on what is to be eaten on what each day. You can to go to the dining, order what you need, sit down and enjoy.

Mirador Retirement Community offers various services. One of them is assisted living at the Plaza at Mirador. This is a new area created to enhance independence in Corpus Christi. In a beautifully crafted private suite, the residents can get the assistance they require to make maximum use of their independence. They enjoy special services at Mirador including the lively cultural life, excellent foods, and various kinds of activities with caregivers all the times. Caregivers at Mirador offers personal assistance with daily living activities, medical supervision, therapy services, laundry and housekeeping services, 24-hour emergency response system, activities and group outing, and provides three nourishing meals plus beverages and snacks all the time.

Mirador Retirement Community has two residency choices for additional flexibility. These include the Life Care Plan where independent living residents are given primaryentrance to The Plaza at no or little more cost. There is also an option of moving directly in to the Plaza for a given amount of service fee per month, but no entrance charge. From my observation, it is evident that the programs are intended to bolster skills and offer significant experiences to the residents, build on the unique needs of the residents and the life experience of every person.

Apart from assisted living, Mirador Retirement Community also offers memory support at the Plaza at Mirador. The Plaza recently introduced a new secure neighborhood for memory support in a safe, reliable and comfortable environment that is bounded by licensed and specially skilled staff.

The residents also enjoy a medicare-certified skilled nursing care. They provide short term and long term rehabilitation programs. The residents at The Plaza live in entirely equipped private suites fixed with flat screen TVs. They experience a lot of comfort of Mirador, as friends and families stay nearby. The organization provides various therapeutic, social, and recreational activities on top of rehabilitation services. Mirador Retirement Community a key role to maintain positive attitudes on the residents, essential for their emotional and physical well-being. All the long term residents at the organization are given personal care plans designed to meet their specific needs and expectations. The organization also ensures that the families and physicians review the care plansto make sure that any needed changes in the plan are identified and implemented. 24 hours a week, registered nurses on the facility, ready to offer medical assessment and licensed, Medicare-certified care with the assistance of licensed practical nurses. All the meals at the retirement home are prepared with guidance and instructions of a registered dietician because the organization wants its residence to have healthy and delicious meals.

Another level of service offered at Mirador Retirement Community is rehabilitation therapies. The Plaza provides a comprehensive rehabilitation therapy services to enable residents regain speech, mobility, skills, and balance necessary to maintain the highest level of independence while at the facility. Before admission, all residents are assessed to enable creation of therapy outcome goals and enable implementation of effective therapy procedures. In cases of post-acute care admissions after stroke, replacement surgery, debilitating illness, or a fall, the organization provides strength training, hands-on professional nursing and rehabilitative care, and nutritional dining needed to regain independence and health. Mirador Retirement Community also offers occupational therapy which helps rebuild the skills needed to perform daily living activities, andspeech therapy aimed at helping the residents regain language and speech skills and other oral motor skills like swallowing. They also provide physical therapy that helps the residents regain mobility, strength, and ambulation. Additionally, there are cognitive therapy services meant for rebuilding mental acuity and cognitive pathways.

Because Mirador is a not-for-profit entity, it reinvests its revenues after expenses into the community where it belongs. This difference is at the heart of Senior Quality Lifestyle Corporation’s (SQLC) vision and mission. They are homegrown concepts for better living with a vision of active living and peace of mind of the residents and their families. The vision of Mirador Retirement Community is to provide seniors with a prestigious address for carefree living and personal fulfillment after years of service. The Core of Mirador’s vision is Life Care which entails the provision of exceptional health care for life that can strengthen every aspect of a resident’s well-being.

The mission of the organization is to enrich lives, provide compassionate care and ensure financial security for everyone they serve. The organization considers the family of the residents as its family and ensures financial freedom. At Mirador resident, every resident is treated with dignity, respect, and value. The organization has put their commitment to ensuring that the community functions with sound business principles. All the residents, particularly those who much vulnerable, are accorded compassionate care. Additionally, they strive to reach to every resident to give them an opportunity to lead a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. In the community where the organization is located, the residents are given the power to recover most of their original investments. Mirador Retirement Community offers refundable fees, and creates predictable monthly fees of the provision of health services.

Mirador Retirement Community is under the management of a board of directors with an excellent desire for excellence in senior living. The members of the board are aligned to the mission and vision of the organization and works hard everyday to give life to the old. The board is currently chaired by Scott T. Collier. Other members of the board include Susan carter, Dr. Jan van Sant, Dr. DavidGobble, and Laurie Dotter. The management by the board brings a sense of responsibility from the top.

Giving back to the community has been the key goal of the Senior Quality Lifestyle Corporation. The leadership of the organization has been inspired by the generosity of spirit and the passionate volunteer works the staff and the residents of Mirador. The retirement home was created to put back resources and energy into charitable activities of different kinds, from education to Alzheimer’s research. The goal of the Mirador Retirement Community is to promote active lifestyle, social engagement, excellent health care, and intellectual stimulation. Developing a community that provide excellent retirement choices hasbeen a major objective of the Senior Quality Lifestyle Corporation’s (SQLC) since its formation in 2001. The organization builds communities expressively to offer incomparable involvement and comfort. The community is surrounded by active-minded neighbors and proactive staff in an atmosphere characterized by a focus on financial and personal security as well as reputable health careunder the Life Care model.

There are various quality indicators that the organization considers to measure the quality of services they offer to the residents. One of the indicators of quality service provision can be evident from structural quality indicators. The staffing levels can also be included in several quality initiatives. Providing a good ratio of caregivers to the residents is a measure of quality. Process quality indicators, as a measure of evaluating what is being done, can be used to assess whether the organization is following the required procedures in how they handle their activities and the residents. In most cases, quality is measured based on the outcome of the organization’s activities. Any deviation from the appropriate care can lead to poor resident’s health outcome. Additionally, outcome indicators are key to knowing whether the caregivers have intrinsic interest in giving the residents the best health and living experience. Poor outcome in an attempt to achieve the desired goals of the organization is an indicator of poor quality services. But when the outcome is positive, it is an indication that the organization is meeting the needs of the residents. Some of the indicators of poor outcome include malnutrition, unhappiness among the residents, increased level of sickness, and increased death rates, etc.



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