Miss Julie

The most interesting thing in the drama happens when Miss Julie asks Kristin whether Jean is her fiancé. Miss Julie goes ahead to note that Jean is so comfortable and at ease when he is around Kristin. In reply to Miss Julie, Kristin expresses some sarcasm by mimicking her. Kristin reluctantly says that it’s what they say. Upon Miss Julie questioning Kristin what they say, she answers that Miss Julie herself had a fiancé and therefore she must be knowing what is being expressed in the statement.

Before the drama of fiancé between Kristin and Julie, another exciting thing takes place. Jean wants to put on his black coat and is too ashamed to do this in the presence of miss Julie. Changing a jacket has become the big deal here, and Jean seems uncomfortable doing so in the presence of the ladies. Miss Julie turns to face the other side to allow Jean to change the jacket and promises not to spy. Jean is adamant and replies sarcastically, “as you wish” before he picks the coat and walks out of the room. However, Jens has no problem with Kristin but with Miss Julie alone. In mocking and showing his seriousness, Jean moves out and comes in after putting on his coat.

Besides, Jean gets a bottle of beer for Miss Julie after he tells her that he would do whatever she commands him to. He argues that he would not get one for himself at her request but can only do so at her command. The annoying bit that Jean does is getting to kneel to toast to Miss Julie. He even kisses her foot at her word.

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