The Model of Christian Charity Summary

God has created people in different capacities. There are those that have been poor, others rich, some are also mean while others are generous. Creating people in this nature manifests His wisdom based on the variety of differences that he can bring forth. The presence of these differences guarantees that the good of the whole is preserved at all times.

Creating people with different abilities also ensures that the work of His spirit is manifested. To begin with, God has the ability of re-training and moderating the wicked, the rich are restrained from eating up the poor, and the poor are also restrained from rising against their superiors.

There is also an assurance that people will live depending on each other. This ensures that bonds of brotherly affection have been developed. This creates some form of equality and balance. When one individual is blessed with a certain element, they are limited in another way. God refers to wealth as His silver and gold. This has brought about a threshold where mankind is defined as either being rich or poor.

There is the existence of two rules that require people to walk one toward another. This is where there is supposed to be good versus evil. People are expected to do justice to their counterparts as it is done to them. Man has been demanded “to love his neighbor as he loves himself”. This is more of a concept of moral law which is related to how people deal with each other. This is because everyone is created in the image of God. People should be good to everyone without discriminating regardless of the differences that might arise between them. There is a command that people should love their enemies. This proponent has been embedded in the law of the Gospel.

The law of the Gospel also propounds the differences of occasions and seasons. Christians are expected on certain occasions to sell so that they can provide to the poor. There are other times when they are even expected to give what is beyond their ability. God expects people to observe every article of a special commission. This means that people are entered into a contract with God. Neglecting these articles will result in negative consequences. There will be a price to pay since it is more of a breach of a covenant.

Following the counsel of Micah will help people to avoid the negative consequences that might arise. This includes walking humbly with God, doing justly and embracing love and mercy. People are expected to stand as one and share a brotherly affection. When people have excess, they should take a point of sharing with the less fortunate. This extends to sharing the good moments in life together and mourning together in times of distress. In doing this, the Lord will be delighted in people’s actions and command blessings upon them. It will be as if the people are standing at the top of a hill and others are seeing them from afar.

However, dealing falsely with God will prompt Him to withdraw his help. This is because shame will have been brought upon God’s worthy servants. God will put people that go against his commands to shame in the eyes of their enemies. The prayers of the faithful servants will turn to curse upon these people. For this reason, people should love God and their neighbors. Doing what God commands is also expected of the mankind to help avoid His wrath.

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