Modern-Day Slavery

Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation on the first day of 1863. During the period when the president gave the proclamation, the country was enthralled in a bloody and destructive civil war for three consecutive years. The proclamation declared that all people who were at the time held as slaves were declared free as at the time the speech was made. While the wording was grand, the practical application of the same was limited in many ways.[1] The proclamation was only applicable to states, which had seceded from the United States. Therefore, the states that were along the border were left untouched. Besides, some parts of the Confederacy, in particular, the Southern secessionist states which were under the control of the North were also exempt. Moreover, the freedom that President Lincoln had promised was wholly dependent on the military victory of the Union. However, it is important to note that although the Emancipation Proclamation did not manage to end slavery in the US, the president was able to capture the imagination and hearts of millions of Americans and change their character, particularly after the war. The proclamation ensured that Black men joined the Union Navy as well as the army such that the liberated became liberators. Before the end of the war, more than 150000 Black sailors and soldiers had fought for freedom through the Union.

Interestingly, slavery was not entirely abolished by the nineteenth century. As a matter of fact, in the twenty-first century, there remains modern-day slavery. Nonetheless, the new system of subjugation is more covert compared to the previous years. African Americans still do laborious work for less pay compared to their White counterparts. Moreover, it is harder for a Black person to get a decent job despite having similar qualifications as their White contemporaries. Despite the abolition of slavery, African American people in present-day society still receive less pay and fewer opportunities for career advancement which is proof that slavery simply morphed into inequality.

Equality of all human beings is one of the beliefs that are deeply entrenched in my psyche. I believe that all individuals should be treated as equals before the law for parity to be achieved. In that regard, I think it is imperative for people to look beyond the color of their neighbors’ skin to get the true depth of their character and progress as a human race. Paying people their appropriate dues at the right time is one of the ways to ensure that covert slavery comes to an abrupt end. Modern-day oppression is an umbrella concept that captures the different types of exploitation that a certain section of the population experiences as the people work to earn a living. It is important to consider that poverty is perhaps the greatest enabler of modern-day slavery.[2] While available data on the subject matter seems to be unreliable, it is estimated that about 21 million people are involved in forced labor as well as other forms of slavery. Other sources claim that the number of slaves stands at approximately 27 million people across the w

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