Module Conclusion

At the beginning of the module, I had various expectations on the things that I would learn. This was based on the course outlook. My expectations became a reality throughout the module. Among the significant concepts that I have learned from the module include emotional intelligence, team dynamics and conflict management. Emotional intelligence is all about how people can identify their own and other people’s feelings and emotions and use them to guide their behavior. Before encountering the module, I thought that a team with the highest IQ would be the best for any organization, but I have come to understand that EI is paramount for effective performance. Emotional Intelligence will be valuable in my profession since it will help me in managing my behavior, making personal and organizational decisions and navigating social complexities.

Team dynamics, on the other hand, entails learning about the relationships of the members of a team. Initially, I thought that diversity would bring more disadvantages to the team due to the different beliefs. The module has given me a different perspective, and now I can see that diversity would result to improved performance due to the synergy that comes with the combination of the strengths of the team members. The concept of team dynamics has proven to me that increased collaboration would help improve the performance in my workplace.

Conflict management on its part is the ability to solve conflicts in the workplace in a sensible manner. Before, I thought of conflicts as being bad and toxic. However, the module has shown me that optimum level of conflict is good for improved performance and effective decision making. The information about conflict management is valuable since it gives directions on how to solve the conflicts, and also how to use them to the advantage of the organization.

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