Monster Energy Drink Advert

Monster Energy Drink Advert

In business, advertising is an essential strategy in informing target customers of the products a company is selling. The adverts that a company chooses to use depend on the type of product and the group of individuals the plan to sell them to. Nonetheless, the effectiveness of an advert is determined by the traits it possesses and the message it seeks to pass to the intended audience. The particular advert that will be investigated is an image in a magazine read by teenagers. This paper will analyze a Monster Energy Drink advert and determine how effective in reaching the intended group. Moreover, it will also analyze the message the advert displays, and how society views it. In this case, the image was created with the aim of reaching youths between the ages of 12-19. It was placed in the Teen Vogue magazine which has an approximated 3.04 million followers.  While the magazines are being made, a full page is left for the advert to be placed in. As readers go through the article, they are likely to come across the image. Since it is an attractive picture with bright colors and graphics, readers are likely to be attracted by these features.

Monster Energy is a company that sells energy drinks. The image depicts the monster behind the door as the energy within people. At times, these individuals can be low on energy and the drink is used to heighten the adrenalin within the body and makes them active. In the image, there is also a basket full of laundry. The advert informs the audience that once they take the drink, they will have the needed energy to wash their clothes and do other chores. “THERE IS A REASON THEY COME OUT” and “RELEASE THE BEAST” are slogans used in the advert to encourage the audience to purchase the drink. For teenagers, this advert is likely to achieve its goal and entice the targeted group to purchase the product. At this age, people in this group like to experiment and determine the credibility of something. Others who love fictitious things may think that they will turn into monsters when they take the drink. The advert does stand out and will most likely reach many individuals.

The advert takes a social appeal for the audience’s desire to be active and energetic at all times. Moreover, since this is a popular drink, taking it will make them look ‘cool,’ which is what they want most. In our daily activities, we need energy to complete various tasks. Nonetheless, at times people may feel low or weak and cannot work properly. Energy is obtained from eating different types of foods which take time before they can be processed and absorbed into the bloodstream. For Monster Energy, the drink works on the spot and heightens the individual’s adrenaline making them hyperactive. Based on this advert, I feel that the company will be successful in selling its product. The main reason is that teens will be energetic for long hours, and remain alert both in school and their daily activities. Moreover, being spotted by their peers with the drink will make them look cool and thus popular as is the desire of every teenager. Being famous in school and the neighborhood is always a good thing for teenagers. Moreover, if they are more alert in class, pass their exams and excel in sports, they gain the respect of their peers and society. In most instances, these individuals grow up to become successful people that others can look up to. Therefore, the advert will achieve achieved its goal.

The advert may however not fully achieve its desired target. To society, monsters are demonic beings which bring havoc and destruction. Many stories told since time immemorial depict monsters as bad things that caused harm killed people and took away their property like livestock. Additionally, the slogan “RELEASE THE BEAST” may be wrongly interpreted to insinuate that when teens take the drink, they will develop strange behaviors which society does not advocate for.  Thus, the community may view this association with monsters as a bad thing and prevent their children from buying this product. Moreover, some of these teenagers may be more afraid than attracted to the image and decide not to purchase the product. Therefore, the advert may not achieve its goal if society views the message from this perspective.

In conclusion, this paper south to analyze and advert and how effective it can be in persuading targeted customers to purchase the company’s products. A successful advertisement has to be both appealing and informative. I feel that the image in question will be successful in reaching the targeted audience and increase the sales of the company. The advert appeals to the social lives of teenagers who will become popular by taking this drink. Moreover, when they are more energetic, they can do well in school and other co-curricular activities. It is, however, possible that society may interpret this advert in the wrong ways. The company’s association with monsters may hinder this goal since these are beings of havoc and destruction.

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