Moral Values

Moral values are a set of principles and ideals that act as guides on how people act in specific situations. The subject of moral values has for a long time remained controversial especially regarding its perceived link with culture. Although culture has a significant influence on moral values, it is not the only determinant (Boss, 2008). The acquisition of moral values may also depend on circumstances in one’s life as well as laws and religion. For instance, a person may acquire the value of generosity upon working as a volunteer in a children’s home. It is reported that the values of Americans have been changing at an alarming rate with most of the people striving to be liberals. While this shift is true, it is not only happening in America but across the world owing in part to the increased interactions from globalization. Nonetheless, some of the values held by Americans are shared across the world while others are unique and not universally held. In this paper, the universal values of monogamy, kindness, and respect for gay marriages are discussed with respect to America and the world.

The moral value of monogamy is a universal moral that is widely accepted in American society. The value is attributed with Christianity which is

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