1. What kind of evidence could be used to argue that (age) in package is a derivational morpheme?

Derivational morphemes are as a result of deriving a new word from the parent word.  Use of prefixes and suffixes in a certain word will change meaning and the context of the word in question. For instance, the word age can derive the following words; age-mate, age-ing, age-d and ag-ing. Being a derivational morpheme, there is great possibility that grammatical category or part of speech for the word will change. The word may change from verb, to noun among other word forms.

  1. There are two correct answers to the following question: What word-formation process accounts for the word ROTC < Reserve Officer Training Corps? Explain.

The first explanation to the formation of the word ROTC can be initialisms. This is a word formation process that involves using of first letters of words in a particular phrase. One can decide to pronounce it like a series of letters and not like a word. On the other hand, acronyms can be the alternative explanation. This is a word formation process that involves forming pronounceable words using the first letters of a phrase. It is however important to distinguish between the two explanations as they are usually confused to mean the same thing.

  1. So-called “pharmazooticals” are drugs derived from animal sources (e.g., a blood pressure medicine derived from snake venom).
  2. What word-formation process is illustrated by the word pharmazootical?

The word formation process involved information of this word is compounding. This is a form of word formation that involves forming a word out of two or more root morphemes. This word is formed from the word pharmacy and zoology.

  1. Compare other forms that use this process, as discussed elsewhere in this chapter. How

does pharmazootical differ from them?

The word pharmazootical may be different from the word mailman despite both of them being formed through compounding process. The main difference is the fact that mailman is a compound with native root linguistic while pharmazootical is borrowed linguistic.

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