(Solved) Motivational statement: Why you want to be a Navy Nurse

(Solved) Motivational statement: Why you want to be a Navy Nurse

Motivational statement (3-4 paragraphs) why you want to be a Navy Nurse.



Why I want to be a Navy Nurse

For a long time, I have wanted to pursue a career in healthcare. Having this in mind, I have been researching on varied areas within this scope. As a result, I have settled to being a navy nurse. I have an inherent trait of striving for greatness and doing something that I am proud of in life. I think life can be so unrewarding and shallow if you are[cmppp_restricted] living without a plan for your future and some thoughts directed towards helping others. This is something that gives me the passion and courage to pursue a career as a navy nurse. It gives me a purpose and meaning due to the sense of patriotism and desire to serve the country.

Being a navy nurse also gives me an opportunity to enhance professional development. Nursing programs in the navy operate as meritocracies. As a result, moving ahead in rank is dependent on one’s job performance. Moving from staff nurse to head nurse is easy if one is putting in the desired effort. The navy provides extensive professional development opportunities by providing nurses with the chance to undertake nursing specialization classes. This includes classes like public health nursing, emergency nursing, obstetrics, mental health nursing, critical care and perioperative nursing, among others.

In addition to this, I embody the virtues of humility, courage, compassion and perseverance. This is something that works well for a navy nurse since one wants to be part of something bigger than themselves. I also have effective communication skills and ability to work in teams. This means that I have the ability to work effectively and efficiently with other medical professionals, civilians, navy and other relevant stakeholders. I am also versatile, decisive and possess superior analytical skills. With these abilities, I feel I will be of immense help as a navy nurse. [/cmppp_restricted]