M&S Textiles Australia

M&S Textiles Australia

M&S Textiles Australia is known for the dream of empowering Australian Aboriginal Designs clothing. The purpose was to relate on-demand custom-designed textiles. The designs were created by the Australian Aboriginal artist who was experienced in crafting the designs that meet the demands of the market. The business has, however, faced significant market challenges due to the rising competition from cheaper and imported goods. Therefore, the company plans to strategize on a new market that has a low cost of production. One of the potential countries is China. The market provides a significant opportunity to facilitate the creation of quality products that would gain market across the world.

The new plan would choose the best overseas manufacturer in China. The reason for selecting the country is that it has a dynamic manufacturing capability and economic landscape that has proven skills and strengths in manufacturing. Therefore, the state is liable for the new plan China has an attractive market and would provide cheap labor thus addressing the problems that were initially faced in Australia. Its vast populations offer an opportunity for accessing cheap labor. Also, its profits margins are higher as compared to any part of the world. Thus, the plan would provide positive outcomes that would increase the company's revenues and provide new markets for the commodities. Also, China is known for the availability of skilled talents. The case would offer an opportunity for the company to acquire a trained and experienced workforce.

The plan to establish new manufacturing plan would be conducted with an aim of acquiring cheap labor while creating new markets for the products. Following the current challenge faced by the company, the sales and marketing board decided to consider a country that would address the significant problems that were encountered in Australia. China is one of the markets with viable opportunities due to its economy, market and its profits marketing. The business policies in China are also favorable thus providing an opportunity for fast and efficient. The company should strategize toward developing an appropriate system meant to address the significant problems faced by the company. A team of stakeholders decided to come up with different views regarding the methods that would be used for the accomplishment of the new plan

  1. After consideration of different market forces, policies and suitability of the markets the team of stakeholders came up with new strategies on accessing the new market. Some of the points that were drawn and concluded from the group include the following.

Cheap labor is one of the major features identified with the Chinese market despite the rising labor cost. The production cost remains much lower as compared to that of Australia. With cheaper nonmanufacturing and production value, the operation would translate to significant savings at home especially those spent on the inputs. The project would attract more revenue since China has an attractive market to countries such as Australia. For instance, it draws the markets such as the USA, the Middle East, and the African countries.

Furthermore, the profit margins of conducting the business are still high. China has a skilled and competent workforce. Many graduates are trained and impacted by the skills required in different fields of manufacturing. Besides most of the Chinese students have adopted the multilingual system of leaning and English is part of the languages being taught in the country. This then provides an opportunity to hire graduates even with cheap labor cost. China manufactures goods that compete in the global market. However, the company would have to consider means was of retaining the employees to develop consistency means of production.Retaining talents require consideration of both market-competitive strategies and internal consistency hiring.

China is known for its economic and political stability. These are the factors that would guarantee safe and healthy operation of the business. Furthermore. The company would get a chance of exporting upon the products they are offering. To benefit from this advantage, the company can utilize existing skills in planning on the economic impact that the projects would have on the economy.

China presents an opportunity to adopt different entry strategies. For example, since the company seeks to conduct production from the country, it should draft a plan on whether to partner with other companies or using the licensing on franchising methods. The

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