Music, Society, and effect of Technology- Interview Session

The impressions that music creates in society are diverse. The perception of music by members of the community is dependent on many factors. These factors include an earlier exposure to music, the meaning of music in the community, the background of the music, and the message spread by the music. Therefore, music has been a considerable part of the culture of people. Specifically, pop music has been received by a large audience of people who value the uniqueness of the pop genre. According to (Teslenko), pop music creates a fulfilling experience and offers a unique excitement to its listeners. Besides, pop music has led to the formation of a community of listeners who share their experiences through social media. In this paper, I interviewed my neighbor, Chris, and collected his insights concerning pop music. His views were based on his favorite pop music. Therefore, the paper studies the interviewee’s background in music genres and then it explains how technology has affected the change of music over time.

Chris has listened to different genres of music, and he reports to have shifted his preference of music over the years from one style to another. While young, he indicates that he was exposed to listen to country music. The exposure was based on his late dad who loved country music, and he could take Chris along to country music concerts. “I never missed those country concerts with my folk when young,” Chris. Therefore, the exposure made his preference for music more inclined towards the country genre. He got his first guitar while 12 years old and started playing country music. The early exposure to country contributed to his liking for music. In the article, The Power of Parental Influence In Child Development, (GROSS) describes how the activities that parents carry out have an impact on ay choices that kids make. More specifically, the selection of music is dependent on the exposure provided by the parents.

Chris reports that he has been continuously changing his genres of music because he has been living in different cultures throughout his life. He defines a genre as any popular music in a particular community of people. These people do not need to live together to form a community; instead, they are united by the conventional genre of music. He explains the different genres of music that he is aware of. First, he tells that the country music genre is purely southern in origin and it is majorly themed on love. Second, he explains about the blues genre. His understanding of this genre is that it is lyrical and emotional. Finally, Chris understands pop music as the popular culture music that addresses the current and pressing issues. Through his understanding of music, the pop genre is his best choice. “Man, there is nothing quite like pop music,” Chris. He has shifted through country music, the blues, and now listens to pop music.

The impression of music in society is varied among individuals. Based on (Brøvig-Hanssen and Danielsen), there are different reasons as to why people change their genre of music which include the influence of technology and changes in the culture of people. Chris’s best pop music is known as “God’s Plan by Drake.” Improvements in technology in terms of video quality and the quality of sound have been the major contributory factors in his continued shift of music genres. In the song, there are many lessons described by Chris that society draws from the song. First, unity and empathy are intertwined within the song’s message. The video of the song shows how the singer helps a school girl secure her school fees for the university. The song in this sense achieves the roleof music in the society, which is enhancing unity and preservation of values such as empathy. In his article, Four Principles of Bio-Musicology, Fitch 2015, describes how music and good value system are positively related. Chris also adds that “after watching the video you also feel empathy for someone next to you.”

From another perspective, the song gives hope to people. It is easier to relate to the lyrical message. The singer, Drake, describe that the difficulties and the bad things that happen to people are God’s plan. This provides hope, and the community of listeners can relate to the song. (Teslenko), described the morals that are derived from pop music. Hope and resilience by the community members were some of the morals of the study.

The role of technology in affecting the genre of music is best described in the interview by Chris’s previous exposure to different genres. He reports that country music was solely based on guitar and low-quality videos. However, he changed to listening to the blues since the music was varied with the use of modern equipment of recording scenes. This trend did not stop at the blues; instead, the use of better technology by the pop musicians made him change from blues to pop music. His concern was getting something new out of the old. “I am obsessed with getting quality sound of music and quality videos that perfectly explain the scenarios.” Technology and music have changed over time. Improving technology makes society more receptive of music. According to (Danielsen), technological creativity has been key to increasing the quality of music and thereby attracting more pop listeners. The video of the song has been recorded by high definition digital cameras that create an appealing effect to the viewer. The experience is different from that was present 30 years ago.

Finally, the impact of pop music on culture is viewed from different perspectives. The perspectives can be either positive or negative. Chris reports that the culture of a community is enhanced positively by music. Basing his arguments in the same song by Drake, he says, “this song has given me hope, and it has put a sense of unity in my mind; therefore, my culture of helping others is improved.” According to (Qin, et al.), music sustains a culture by carrying forward the norms and beliefs of people throughout time. On the other hand, Chris describes the negative effects of music on culture as worsening moral indulgence. “for example, the scene in the video where people are partying, may affect the mentality of young people.” Therefore, music can negatively affect the culture of people.

Overall, music has been a communication tool for society. Technology has played a significant role in influencing people to listen to pop music. Whatever the message, people are able to draw lessons, good or bad, from pop music. The society’s perception of pop music is varied. Besides, the experiences of individuals in music are also personalized and primarily depend on the prevailing culture.

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