Muslim Intermarriage

Intermarriages between Muslims and non-Muslims is on the rise; people are changing from being conservative to becoming non-conservative regarding how they view relationships. Muslims never used to intermarry with people from other religious groups such as Christians (Schaefer Riley). The trend is changing where more Muslims are marrying non-Muslims; there are several factors that are contributing to the change in trend when it comes to interreligious marriages. The major contributing factor is the change in the environment that the Muslims find themselves in. When they work with non-Muslims and spend most of their time with non-Muslims, they will end up marrying them because they are only the people they know (Schaefer Riley). Globalization makes Muslims live in countries that are dominated by people from other religions hence increasing the interactions with non-Muslims; this increases the chances of the intermarriages.

Beyond Sacred

Muslims are associated with a specific image in terms of the way people view them. The society has stereotyped Muslims in a certain way, and therefore they treat the Muslims based on how the people perceive them. Interviews were conducted, and it can be concluded that the Muslims do not like being stereotyped. Muslims want a change in terms of the way they are viewed and treated by society, and people end up making conclusions regarding Muslims even when they do not know them. People associate Muslims with violence which is not true. Muslim religion does not make one violent hence the stereotyping need to change.

The American Prayer – KIH (Qtip 50 – 77)

There are cultural expectations that are imposed on religion and in most instances lead to conflict between culture and religion (O’Brien). Migration of Muslims to countries with different culture make them faced challenges in terms of the way the society expects them to behave. Tensions go high when the Muslims face challenges in meeting the demands of the community. Muslims find themselves in a dilemma of whether to follow the religious obligation or please the community.



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