My Personal Career Strategy

My Personal Career Strategy

A policy is a set of plans or ideas used as a basis for decision-making. It is a guide to action. A policy help in the implementation of a strategy, by providing a guideline, framework, or direction for various decision making.  Policies offer a platform for strategic decisions as well as implementation to happen as the organizational management consider their policies prior to finalizing any decision relating to implementation or formulation or a strategy.  A policy in the career strategy of an individual could relate to behaving ethically at all times in my future career jobs. My objective is to work for the US government in either logistics or supply chain management and get a management position at the age of 35 years.  My functional tactics would be to extend my formal education and acquire a master degree in logistics and supply chain management.

The decision to always behave ethically is a moral one, and I have to decide what I think is the right course of action.  This involves rejecting ways and plans that would lead me to short-term personal gain while jeopardizing my career life. Ethical behavior, as well as social responsibility, is vital for promising career development. My objectives are to work for a logistic and supply chain management and to get a management position at the age of 35 years.

Working for American government especially in logistics and supply chain management is something I have dreamt of in my entire life. The word boredom is rare especially among people working in the field of logistics. The sheer variety of roles and work ever keeps the interesting, and the crossover might take place when one side is slow, but another facet is bustling. Besides, the American government logistic department deals with a wide range of goods and materials.   The chance to progress to a management position in the logistics and supply chain management sector is solid. The industry of logistic has numerous levels and facets; thus opportunities for career advancements are ever available. Besides, the logistics industry promotes typically as well as low-level train workers to higher-level positions instead of hiring from outside.  Promotion is widespread, especially for the most hardworking and innovative employee. By learning as well as training on the job implies logistics workers learn about operations from scratch upwards as well as enhance their career prospects through the profusion of experience available. It is quite easy to adapt as well as acquire as many skills, qualifications, and experience as possible, which will aid promote one to a higher position including top management roles.

My functional tactic is to do a master degree in logistics and supply chain management would help me accomplish my objective of holding a managerial position at the age of 35 years.  MBA in logistics and supply chain management program will train and develop me as a future leader and manager especially in the fast-growing sector of logistics and supply chain. Through this continuous study, I would acquire understanding and knowledge of multiple aspects of logistics such as supply chain management, material management, purchasing, customs regulations, information technology, international trade, foreign exchange, and transportation among many others.

My policy is crucial as it offers me sets of ideas and plans for decision-making. It will guide me on the type of action I need to take and will help me avoid committing unnecessary blunders.  My objectives inform me where I am going and how to arrive there. When I have to make tough decisions regarding my career path, I can refer to my objective for guidance. My objectives promote planning. My functional tactics are important as it helps me to decide what I need to be in the future and how I can achieve it. All these will help me to expand my field knowledge, my position and rank in the society, as well as will always make me remain on a high ladder in relation to moral standings.


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