Myths and Stereotypes

Stereotypes refer to generalizations of identity aspects of groups such as people’s sexual orientation, race and their nationality bringing the context of intersectionality. American-Indians are among the people that face stereotypes and myths based on their race since they are placed on the lower echelons when it comes to intelligence. Terms such as a primitive man who is in touch with nature, red man, heathens and savages are some of the non-Indian evaluations concerning Indians with no consultations done to Indian informants ((Mihesuah,15). Therefore, these are significant indications of the barbaric view Indian-Americans face by European Americans.

For instance, some movies perpetually display this view which ingrains in Americans concerning the wrong image of Indian-Americans. The act of misinforming kids at an early age using inaccurate books, racial cartoon films and games inundate their perceptions which cannot get fixed during the following stages ((Mihesuah,14). The legacy based on such misinformation illuminates that older people such as teachers and parents cannot effectively educate young minds concerning non-European sections of history and culture. Matter of fact those people who get to interact with Indians at personal levels confirm that they are kind, generous and nature loving people who cannot defend themselves from the European onslaught.

Another setback concerns any person who attempts to teach or raise awareness concerning atrocitiesIndian-Americans encounter meets the resistance of all forms.  After all, Indians’ culture is dynamic like any other and using past general information to account for modern Indians promotes misinformation. Dispelling myths and stereotypes provides the ability to focus on individual differences rather than generalizations which offers a better perspective at understanding Indians. Another great benefit of dispelling these stereotypes is that Americans and Black-Americans that wish to assimilate Indian lifestyle can do so without socio-economic and political assumptions ((Mihesuah,17). Besides, Indian art is not only popular among non-Indians but also a source of lucrative business. People encounter misguided stereotypes everywhere including me and dispelling these myths would aid in having better views on people and things.


Mihesuah, Devon A. Stereotype, and Realities: American Indians. 1st ed., Clarity Press, 2015.

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